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Georgetown, Brown, or Northwestern for poli sci, philosophy, and US hist?

indecision2012indecision2012 1 replies3 threads New Member
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Brown, Georgetown, and Northwestern seem to have a lot in common, but suppose I had to choose one. Which school do you think offers the best combination of courses related to my interests?

I have three main academic interests:

1. US politics (not necessarily international relations—I would enroll in Georgetown College, not SFS)
2. Philosophy
3. US history

For the purposes of this discussion, let's say financial aid is not an issue.
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Replies to: Georgetown, Brown, or Northwestern for poli sci, philosophy, and US hist?

  • lakeaweadlakeawead 320 replies31 threads Member
    I hate these posts, you haven't gotten into any so what's the decision to make? Go study for your after AP finals.
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  • indecision2012indecision2012 1 replies3 threads New Member
    I have been accepted as a transfer student. Need to make a decision in less than two weeks.
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  • lakeaweadlakeawead 320 replies31 threads Member
    Boy did I sound like a ****...Brown
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  • Nova2011Nova2011 191 replies6 threads Junior Member
    Georgetown is very appealing for politics in general...it's tough to beat DC for politics and gtown does well at plugging its students into internships in the surrounding area. with that being said, you should also definitely look into Brown. One thing I found appealing about brown is that its curriculum is very free for you to bounce around many fields of study.

    I think you should decide between Brown and Gtown. Northwestern is a very solid school, but for politics (the classes and internships) it is not stronger than gtown or an ivy.

    Culturally, DC has definitely the most to offer. Providence and evanston cannot compare. If it is easy to get into chicago from evanston than that could offer a different perspective.
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  • Tightend81Tightend81 151 replies23 threads- Junior Member
    Ok Brown and Gtown are not all that similar culturally. Brown is the haven for smart hippies, and Gtwon is a catholic university and tends to be more conservative than most universities. These are also just stereotypical generalizations. That being said, Gtown is incredible for politics from the SFS, but since it is in DC, internships are out the wazoo. While I am not overly educated on Brown's political placement for students, it is an ivy, so it should have great connections. Brown has never had a president, but Gtown has bill Clinton... Whatever you want to make of that...
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  • pixiedanzerpixiedanzer 722 replies48 threads Member
    Georgetown for all 3.

    * Pol Sci- you are in DC and Georgetown is a MAJOR hot spot for high profile speakers and visiting dignitaries from Barack Obama to the heads of Afghanistan and Iraq. So more often than not, you will get to hear *directly* from the movers and shakers of the national AND international political scenes---often with the opportunities to interact with them as well. Gtown has more illustrious amd extensive political alumni list (Bill Clinton, Justice Antonin Scalia, Senator Dick Durbin etc...)

    Joe Biden and John Kerry sporadically attend mass on campus . Not to mention the FACULTY includes former Secretary of State Madeline Albright, the former Prime Minister of Spain Jose Maria Aznar, the former presidents of Colombia and Poland etc...

    * US History: Georgetown has top notch faculty and again, you are in DC--where history is made everyday!" with access to some of the world's foremost museums, research materials at the Library of Congress, close accessiblity tooo key historical landmarks and battlefields in the surrounding states, etc...

    *Philosophy: Georgetown HANDS. DOWN. It is indeed a Jesuit-run Roman Catholic university in a modern, global center: definitely the ideal.place to discuss and study big Ideas. Classical and Catholic/Christian thought has shaped Western thought for milennia--For examples: Plato was a huge influence on Saint Augustine. Aristotle was a huge influence on Saint Thomas Aquinas etc...and both Augustine and Aquinas influenced key thinkers from thereonafter.

    The Jesuits in particular dominate in terms of scholarship in the field and have for centuries. They are just as thoughtful and insightful about the past as they are about all the intellectual forces shaping the postmodern world and in ways many wholly secular scholars may not be. One of the more popular classes is centered on the impact of Sigmund Freud. You can attain as holistic an overview as you please--G-town wants people to really think about their beliefs about the big questions of life and to form their own conclusions: they require every student across all fields to take 2 theology classes and 2 philosophy or ethics.
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