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Can Outside Scholarships Be Used for EFC at all?

LoveEssenceLoveEssence 59 replies4 threads Junior Member
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So I know they have this policy to reduce "self-help" (loans and work study) first and then reduce dollar by dollar from the GU scholarship if you win an outside scholarship....... but is there any way I can apply the scholarship to my EFC instead?? While my EFC is already pretty low, it is still going to be a struggle for my parents to come up with their portion. This scholarship would greatly benefit. Is this just wishful thinking or does Georgetown allow it?
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4 replies
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Replies to: Can Outside Scholarships Be Used for EFC at all?

  • lovelylatte94lovelylatte94 9 replies0 threads New Member
    I know that an outside scholarship I won was sent, and my financial aid officer automatically took the money off of my student contribution. Perhaps you could do that and then give your parents the money you were saving for the student contribution? Also, have you looked into the monthly payment programs? Those look like a really good option to me.
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  • lakeaweadlakeawead 320 replies31 threads Member
    I know first hand that outside scholarships may only reduce parent contribution if the FAFSA EFC has not been met, in a scenario I am familiar with.

    Most likely, they will say they met your need and will not lower the parent contribution.
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  • LoveEssenceLoveEssence 59 replies4 threads Junior Member
    @lakewead: Well, it depends. Georgetown's calculated "parental contribution" is a bit less than the FAFSA's EFC but if you add the $2,000 student contribution, (the total family contribution) it is more than FAFSA's EFC. Which one do they look at?

    @lovelylatte94: That's what I plan to do if it can be applied to the family contribution regardless. I just want it to be applied to the contribution portion and not the financial aid package.

    I considered the monthly payment thing, I haven't talked to my parents about it yet. I'll definitely bring it up.
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  • lakeaweadlakeawead 320 replies31 threads Member
    In your situation, I am almost positive they will reduce your aid award.

    The school requires it's students to incur a minimum loan and because your parent contribution is less than the FAFSA EFC, I highly doubt they would be any more generous and push the contribution any lower.
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