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SFS vs. College

bellster24bellster24 11 replies13 threads New Member
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Hi! I want to go to Georgetown, but I'm not sure which school to apply to in the fall. I am interested in the Government Major and International Affairs, and I want to be a human rights lawyer. I know SFS is the best International Affairs program available, but I'm worried about the language component - I'm not taking a language my senior year of high school. Should I bother applying to SFS? Is the College a better choice?
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Replies to: SFS vs. College

  • FairfielderFairfielder 79 replies33 threads Junior Member
    You are right that SFS is the best school for international affairs and foreign service.

    You are aware of the language requirement, which is that to graduate you must test fluent in one language other than English. This may seem like a major hurdle but it is the job of the university to get you to fluency in your senior year. It's good if you know what language you want to commit to when you enter, otherwise you might waste a semester floundering around before you switch to the language you want to graduate with. If this makes you too nervous, the College is always a great school, without the language requirement. Remember that life will hand you a lot of challenges much greater than this.

    By looking carefully at the course offerings and requirements, you can get an idea of which courses you can take through the College that might interest you, while giving you broader options for electives.

    Don't worry about it, just jump in. You can't beat Georgetown.
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  • LoveEssenceLoveEssence 59 replies4 threads Junior Member
    You don't have to be "fluent" you have to be "proficient". While both shows a mastery of the language there is still a large difference.

    I feel like SFS is better for what you're going for. Like Fairfielder said, if you know what language you want to commit to, the language thing isn't as intimidating as it seems. (Also, the college still requires an "intermediate level" of a foreign language. Of course, this isn't as intimidating as "proficient", but it is still prevalent.)

    The GenEd requirements for the college and the Core Curriculum for SFS are really different. I suggest you take a look at those to see which catch your interests more. Whichever one you find more interesting is probably the place for you.
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