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Do I have a chance (EA)?

eboyingaeboyinga 16 replies10 threads New Member
edited September 2013 in Georgetown University
• African American Male GA, First Generation college student
• SAT I (Single-sitting, first try): 2250
• SAT breakdown: M=790 , CR=730, W=730, 10 essay
• SAT II: US History (760), Math II (800)

• Unweighted GPA: 3.7 after first semester senior year? school doesn't send unweighted. I had a lot of B's my freshman and junior year due to family problems but I should get all A's my senior year
• Weighted GPA: 4.1 after second semester junior year
• Rank (percentile if rank is unavailable): Top 10%
• AP (place score in parenthesis): Calculus AB, Human Geography (4), Macroeconomics, Microeconomics, Spanish Language, World History (5), U.S. Government, Physics B, English Language and Composition (4), Environmental Science (4), Psychology, U.S. History (5)

• Senior Year Course Load: AP Gov, AP Micro, AP Macro, AP Psych, AP Spanish Lang, AP Physics B, honors lit
• Rigor of Schedule: most Challenging

• Major Awards (USAMO, Intel, NMSF etc.): should be get National Acheivment Semifinalist
Minor award: Scholar Athlete, Varsity Letter

Key Club (President, increased membership from 10 members to around 60)
Leadership Clob (Board Member)
Philosophy Club (Secretary)
Ethnic Club (Treasurer
Business Club (Co-Founder, Board Member)
Track and Field (Best 100m time in grade)
Beta Club
Spanish Honors Society

• Job/Work Experience:
• Volunteer/Community service:
-a little less than 150 hours

• Summer Activities:
-Went the highly selective United States Naval Academy Summer Seminar.
-Volunteered at local library
-Volunteered at my parents daycare
• Essays: Will be ok
• Teacher Recommendations: One is from a teacher who I did amazing in his class and loves me. Another will be from my lit teacher who saw when I stood up for someone when they were getting picked on and stuff like that
• Counselor Rec: I don't really know what she will write
edited September 2013
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Replies to: Do I have a chance (EA)?

  • Debater1996Debater1996 901 replies35 threads Member
    You have very good chances for Georgetown.

    Your very good SAT (1520, as Georgetown only does CR+M) is actually above Georgetown's Middle 50. Your GPA is good (not great), and shouldn't be much of a detriment. Make sure to do better on your essays. With all of that, you would have good chances as a standard applicant. But, you are not a standard applicant. You have two MAJOR hooks, in that you are both African-American and a first gen college student. I'd say you have excellent chances at Georgetown.
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  • eboyingaeboyinga 16 replies10 threads New Member
    Thank you for Chancing me
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  • SherYoumeeSherYoumee 20 replies1 threads New Member
    I'm a Chinese senior student and I wanna apply Georgetown too~~~
    Compared with me, u do a really great job!!! Just keep making things right and accomplish those supplements!!!

    I have a question that does Georgetown accept Chinese students in Political Science major??? Do we have the same admit rate or lower than local students in this major? Or do we need to have relatives in this field??

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  • Pair2008Pair2008 25 replies0 threads New Member
    Chance me please!

    UW GPA: 3.7
    W GPA: 4.0

    AP: AP Comp. (5) AP Euro. (4) AP U.S. (4)

    Rank: 66/366

    Served as US Senate Page and awarded citizenship award there. I am about to become an eagle scout and am currently the editor of the school newspaper.

    ACT: 31
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  • eboyingaeboyinga 16 replies10 threads New Member
    SherYoumee: I do not know much about international students and how easy it is to get in to Georgetown but I think it is the same
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  • SherYoumeeSherYoumee 20 replies1 threads New Member
    eboyinga thx for ur answer~ I think I'm gonna try it or I'll never know the answer ... Do u know the admit rate in EA and RD ?
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  • glidoglido 5981 replies25 threads Senior Member
    OP: Sure. You have a great chance. Best of luck!
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  • SherYoumeeSherYoumee 20 replies1 threads New Member
    Can someone chance me??? Thx!!!

    SAT1&2 will be taken in October or November... I think I might get CR 670 WR730 MATH 800 (in October) and USH 750 MATH LEVEL2 800 PHYSICS 800( in November)

    I might take the SAT again in December and apply Georgetown as RD
    Maybe CR 700 MATH 800 WR770

    GPA: 4.0
    average score for provincial general examination: 94.11
    Grade Ranking: 78/1300

    There are lots of differences between Chinese education system and US education system
    So I don't have AP or IB...

    TOEFL: 110

    Publicity Minister of Student Assembly

    CMO of Commercial Simulation Club

    Academic Director and Chair of MUN club

    Play writer of Original Drama Club

    Foreign Minister of Heyday Amine-Manga Club

    Founder and Manager of New Youth Club

    Merit Student

    First Prize for provincial essay competition and mathematics competition

    Honorable mentioned for national essay competition

    Freelance for one literature magazine and one newspaper

    Provincial Outstanding Student Leader

    Volunteer as interpreter in provincial museum

    Sponsor for a pair of blind twins in disabled children welfare institution

    These are some of my experiences... Hope someone can chance me....
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