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Satellite campus under consideration

FelicitaFelicita 491 replies7 threads Member
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Just read this this morning. This idea goes not please me at all. Many students select Georgetown over other fantastic schools because of the unique campus on the Hilltop. A living assignment that is 3 miles away or that requires GUTS to get to campus would significantly dilute the Georgetown experience.

And people think Darnall is far away....

Seriously, though, my child selected Georgetown over other full ride scholarship opportunities to live on campus and for the opportunities to be integrated fully into campus life. I think the only way something like this could work is if it is completely voluntarily. We aren't paying full freight so that my kid can ride a shuttle to everything on campus .

Any other thoughts?
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Replies to: Satellite campus under consideration

  • FelicitaFelicita 491 replies7 threads Member
    Voluntary. :)
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  • mompopmompop 210 replies3 threads Junior Member
    My child wouldn't consider Duke or Boston College because they both have a satellite campus. Georgetown would not have been on the list if they had the same. However, it is the perfect school right now!
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  • DocRabbitDocRabbit 41 replies1 threads Junior Member
    The idea was met with strong opposition from students. It has been scrapped.
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  • dzleprechaundzleprechaun 822 replies3 threads Member
    Where did you see that it had been scrapped, DocRabbit? I've not seen anything to that effect.

    The University is in a bit of a pickle here: it is bound by the 2010 Campus Plan (not actually approved until 2012) to move 450 students onto campus or outside of zip code 20007 by Fall 2015. The Northeast Triangle Dorm will only contain something like 223 beds, and there's not enough time or money to build a second new dorm by Fall 2015. So those ~227 beds have to be scrounged up somewhere...
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  • FelicitaFelicita 491 replies7 threads Member
    I don't think it has been scrapped, although there is strong student opposition. The university has said that no decision has been made and all options are still on the table. My child also took Boston College off the list due to its Newton campus. The living and learning environment on the hilltop is perfect the way it is...for many students, it is the reason for attending GU. Perhaps the campus plan deadline needs to be extended so that rash decisions do not have to be made.
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  • dzleprechaundzleprechaun 822 replies3 threads Member
    Yea, unfortunately, I put the likelihood of the neighbors agreeing to an extension at somewhere in the 5% range (unless the University makes some really grandiose promise, like housing 95% on campus within 10 years or something).

    If repurposing the hotel into dorm space really is a non-starter, as it appears to be, then the best solution is probably to rent the closest space available in Rosslyn. At that point, you could walk to campus in 15-20 minutes, bike in 5, and the GUTS bus runs all day as it is, so I think you would have enough juniors & seniors who would volunteer for it. Especially the internationals and if there were studio singles available (Europeans in particular view the concept of sharing a room in college as bizarre). Near-in Rosslyn would be closer to the southern part of campus than T Street, where plenty of students live off-campus now.

    It would need to be made explicit, though, that this is only a temporary measure and is purely voluntary.
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  • avaroseavarose 62 replies1 threads Junior Member
    I pray this is a voluntary option because I would not want our daughter living 15 minutes outside of the gates as a junior and certainly not as a freshman or sophomore. Still, I have faith that Georgetown's value on the well being of students will come first as they come up with a plan for housing. Please keep them on campus unless they voluntarily choose to walk through an urban setting from campus to their rooms.
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