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Georgetown SFS Chance?

ThxsruknfrThxsruknfr 12 replies2 threads New Member
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I saw a few people doing this, so I thought I would as well. I was wondering what people thought my chances would be to get accepted into Georgetown SFS!

Intended Major: International Politics
Minor: Russian and German

Background: White, middle class, female in New England.

SAT II - 1350
(680 math 670 reading)
(will be retaking them)

SAT Subject Test:
Will be taking German Language and German Listening

Weighted GPA - 4.0
(I have taken all IB, AP, and honors and my school is the second best in the state.)

I have gotten all A’s and B’s on my transcript (one C sophomore year in IB Chem, but I was taking two IB sciences that year.)

AP’s: I haven’t received my scores yet
AP Comparative Government
AP Psychology
AP European History
AP Language and Composition

IB Chemistry I (SL/HL)
IB Biology I (HL)
IB Physics I (SL/HL)
IB Calculus (SL/HL)
IB Music

School Newspaper (3 years)
Varsity Crew (3 years)
Varsity Nordic Skiing (2 years)
Piano (7 years)
Saxophone (7 years)

National Honors Society
Tri-M Honors Society
German Honors Society
Latin Honors Society
Literature Honors Society

I studied abroad in Germany my junior year of high school. I won a full ride scholarship through the US Department of State to study there through a program called CBYX (Congress Bundestag Youth Exchange). Through this program I attended a local high school, stayed with a host family, and met government officials both in the US and Germany.

I did a summer abroad in Japan.

I started the German Honors Society at my school as well as the German Club.

I set up a program to teach Piano to underprivileged kids at the local Boys and Girls Shelter.

I set up a program to teach German at my local elementary school.

Fluent in German and English

I know I’m probably not the average Georgetown student, and I haven’t seen many people with the same experience as me so I hope that sets me apart. But my test scores and EC’s are not the best. So, what do you guys think my chances are?
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Replies to: Georgetown SFS Chance?

  • dcacademicdcacademic 1 replies0 threads New Member
    What I understand of the whole process is that they look at the whole candidate, your goals, and your potential for success at gtown. Definitely let us know how it goes!
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  • masquerade98masquerade98 572 replies7 threads Member
    Foreign experience and language skills are highly valued by the SFS, from what I've seen, so that's great that you have that. Congrats on CBYX too--that's a great achievement. Your grades are fine, so concentrate on getting high SAT and Subject Test scores, and I think you could be a pretty strong applicant. Try the ACT if you can't get the hang of the SAT.

    Also, have you thought about how you want to approach the SFS essay? Showing that you're conversant in international relations by writing a good SFS essay can help you stand out, and you certainly have the foreign experience to do so.
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  • PublisherPublisher 9121 replies111 threads Senior Member
    edited August 2019
    Your background certainly shows demonstrated interest if foreign affairs.

    My understanding is that SFS students are required to study two foreign languages. Because you claim fluency in German--in addition to English--you may be required to study a language other than German for one of your two languages, however, I am not sure about this.

    Also, consider Johns Hopkins University & Tufts Fletcher School.

    P.S. Do you need significant financial aid in order to afford college ? If so, then a new list of schools needs to be made in addition to these three universities.
    edited August 2019
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  • masquerade98masquerade98 572 replies7 threads Member
    @Publisher It's just one foreign language, but you need to pass proficiency, which usually means 3-4 years of study without previous knowledge. However, many students that already have language skills choose to pick up another one if they can get proficiency early on.
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