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Subject Tests

nickthekidnickthekid 120 replies48 threads Junior Member
I’m going to take the Literature and History subject tests in a couple weeks and will most likely get somewhere between 650-700. I am definitely not prepared for the math one so I will not be taking it. With these two tests, should I even bother applying to Georgetown? Currently I have 14 schools on my list and Georgetown is already a reach, so do you think I should just take it off given these 2 averages scores or still give it a shot? Thanks.
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Replies to: Subject Tests

  • nickthekidnickthekid 120 replies48 threads Junior Member
    Bump!!! I really need some advice here.
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  • MYOS1634MYOS1634 43275 replies471 threads Senior Member
    Give it a shot and add the foreign language you're most proficient in. No need to add math if you're not applying for STEM or economics (if applying for economics then add Math2 at a later date).
    Send all 3 scores to 4 colleges: G'town + 3 where you're hoping to impress (matches/safeties that will look at scores of 650-700 as good and may increase scholarships or honors because of it).
    A 700 would be pretty good. A 650 would not help as much.
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  • evergreen5evergreen5 2060 replies38 threads Senior Member
    edited August 2019
    It was reported in some threads in the Georgetown forum that, per some spring info sessions at Georgetown, AP scores will be allowed to substitute for subject tests. If you have any 4s or 5s, it might be worth contacting the admission office to confirm that you could use them to substitute for subject tests.
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