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Am I better off to cancel my SAT subject test score or just go through with it for Georgetown?

doodlebug85doodlebug85 0 replies1 threads New Member
I am applying Early action to Georgetown (deadline November 1st). I have a 1490 on the SAT w/ essay, and 2 AP scores (both 5’s) that I can send “in lieu of” 2/3 of the recommended SAT subject tests. Today I took the 3 SAT subject tests I had signed up for a month ago: Literature, Math 1, and Math 2. I spent a lot of time preparing for Math 1 and 2 and felt good about them, but I feel like I absolutely bombed the Literature test. I am currently in AP literature at school and have only been studying it about a month so I probably shouldn’t have taken it in the first place but I unfortunately just decided to go for it today. I skipped probably 10-15 questions and was not confident at all about the questions I did answer.

Since Georgetown requires a full testing record, am I better off to cancel my scores and just take the math sections on the November test, or should I just go through with receiving and sending my scores to Georgetown, granted my Literature score will suck? If I cancel and do the later test date, my math scores will come a bit after the Georgetown early action deadline but I will have already sent my 2 AP scores. I have 4 days to cancel my scores so I’m not sure what to do!
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  • collegeswoohoocollegeswoohoo 5 replies1 threads New Member
    they told me when I called them that if you have the capacity to take the subject tests you should definitely take them and send in those scores (the AP thing is only for people who literally do not have the capacity geographically or financially to take a subject test)
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  • nomorecoll96nomorecoll96 54 replies4 threads Junior Member
    any reason why you are taking math 1 and 2? if you are taking 2, why bother with 1? you will have to decide whether having 1 bad score may ding your whole application or not. I would say that it depends on how bad it is and the overall context.
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  • lookingforwardlookingforward 34536 replies383 threads Senior Member
    "strongly recommends submission of three subject tests."

    Many top colleges don't want 2 tests in the same field. Any other AP than math you can send?

    All this re-take talk is late for an early app. Did you read what Gtown says about Early apps without subsequent subject scores?
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  • TS0104TS0104 922 replies26 threads Member
    Georgetown is one of the few schools that require ALL test sittings to be sent (unless they have changed their policy in the past year). Not sure how this fits into your cancel strategy, if that is allowed under this policy or not.

    Also at our info session with the Admissions Dean, he stated they "strongly recommend" for 3 subject tests and said "now students, when we say strongly recommend, do you think that means it is optional?" In other words, they expect them unless you cannot take them.

    Sorry this is probably not what you want to hear. FYI I also believe that GT is a school where EA isn't really a bump in admission chances, so is there time to take more subject tests and apply RD?
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