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Chance me for Georgetown University

MercoPolo2907MercoPolo2907 1 replies1 threads New Member
(Dear Reader, please explain if you think my chances are good enough for Georgetown and if not, please suggest Alternative schools. Thank you!) I am from a Small town/Rural Public High school in Western Illinois with an enrollment of 370. I have a 4.0 weighted GPA, top 10 out of a 104 student Graduating class. My SAT score was 1440 (750 ERW, 690 Math). I have 3 APs and 4 Dual Credit classes. Those classes were AP Bio, AP USH, AP Euro, English Composition 101 & 102, Psychology and Sociology through my local community college. I am/was involved in Football 4 years(Varsity 3 years), Wrestling 4 years(Varsity 3 years. Team Captain Junior and Senior year), Student Council 4 years(Council Vice President Junior year, Council President Senior Year), Band(Concert, Marching, and Pep) 4 years ( 1st Chair Sax Senior year), NHS 2 years, Principals Cabinet 2 years, and Track and Field 2 years. My intended major is in Political Science. I have been politically active throughout High School. I was involved in a youth advisory committee for my local state senator and my school's delegate to Boy's State. I have also volunteered extensively for the Bernie Sanders presidential campaign. I have an IEP for my ASD(Diagnosed at age 3 with re-diagnoses every 2 years since) and have been in special ed K-12, but took no special ed courses. My family is a Low Middle-Class family in a small town where I have lived my entire life. Georgetown is my top choice school and has been throughout HS. I know my chances are slim to none, but I want to try anyway. Thanks!
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Replies to: Chance me for Georgetown University

  • coolguy40coolguy40 2529 replies3 threads Senior Member
    Georgetown is a reach school for anyone regardless. It has an admissions rate of under 15%. Plus, even if you get in, you have to be able to afford it. Need based financial aid isn't something you can depend on.

    I would definitely recommend some alternate schools. Since you're in IL, I would recommend UIUC, or another in-state option. The reason I recommend in-state is that you'll probably change your mind about your major several times over. Every college student does. It's part of the maturation process. The three most important things in an undergraduate degree is affordability, flexibility, and marketability.
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  • Mwfan1921Mwfan1921 2964 replies49 threads Senior Member
    Congratulations on your achievements.

    I can’t chance you but have a few questions/observations:

    What were your AP scores? Have you taken SAT subject tests?

    Have you run Georgetown’s net price calculator (npc)? That will give you an estimate of what your family may be expected to pay. Note the npc may not be accurate in certain cases, e.g., if your parents are divorced or own a small business/farm. https://finaid.georgetown.edu/consumer-info#Net Price

    Georgetown is a reach for all applicants. Make sure to have a balanced college list with match schools and at least one affordable safety that you would be happy to attend.

    Good luck.
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  • Techno13Techno13 310 replies11 threads Member
    SAT Subject Tests (3) are strongly recommended for GT (meaning required for most students). I believe starting this year you can sub 3 AP exams for those though.

    Your ECs are pretty impressive! HS rigor probably fairly low compared to most GT applicants but if that's all your HS offers and your GC's rec reflects that then GT will take that into account.

    I would recommend having some nice safeties lined up, preferably affordable ones. PolySci is available everywhere and though GT is premiere in this field there's many many great poly sci programs to choose from. If UIUC doesn't float your boat, maybe check out Loyola Chicago-- you might qualify for good merit aid there.
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  • MercoPolo2907MercoPolo2907 1 replies1 threads New Member
    Update: SAT Subject test scores. USH: 780 World:790 Eng Lit: 760
    APs: Bio(4), Euro:(5), USH:(5)
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