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EA chances 2024?

Slytherin21Slytherin21 10 replies1 threads New Member
Hello. I would appreciate any feedback because I'm dying of stress.

EA to Georgetown College, major in Biophysics

UW GPA: 3.78(Oof), W GPA: 4.26 (ranking n/a)
SAT: 1560 (790 Math, 770 Reading)
SAT II: 800 Math II, 780 Physics, 730 Bio M
ACT: n/a
AP: n/a
IB: Full IB Diploma candidate, took IB Math I and IB Chem I Sophomore year, IB Math HL1, IB Physics I, IB Bio HL1, IB HOA, IB Lang Lit, IB Spanish all Junior year, and currently taking IB Math HL2, IB Physics HL2, IB Bio HL2, IB Topics HL2, IB Lang Lit SL2, IB Spanish SL2

Extra: Not that great, although I attended Virginia Gov School Full Immersion Spanish, president of Young Republicans Club, Head Coach of Youth Soccer Team, and a considerable amount of Community service. Also NHS, Mu Alpha Theta, Science National Honor Society, Spanish Honors Society, Academic letter for consecutive years,

LoR: I expect good LoR's since I was close to my physics teacher and counselor

The interview was great. The lady also did the IB diploma, and we talked about how hard it is haha

I had good feedback for my essays, from friends and teachers.

I attend a large public school (class ~ 500) in NOVA.
White Male, Immigrant family, born in foreign country
Applying for financial aid

Good luck to everyone else!

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Replies to: EA chances 2024?

  • blondeboynjblondeboynj 109 replies8 threads Junior Member
    extracurriculars seem very light (only really flashy titles, no normal clubs or work experiences) and major seems unrelated to your political hobbies and language involvement. Why didn't you apply SFS or arts and sciences for something political?

    Numbers-wise, I'd say your fine.
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  • Slytherin21Slytherin21 10 replies1 threads New Member
    Thank you for letting me know what you think! I'm planning to attend med school after undergrad, and Georgetown's path to med school is very appealing and supportive. I just love biology and physics, although I don't have much EC's about it. Could the GPA be troublesome considering that the unofficial UW Gpa was around 3.9? Good luck with your admissions!
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  • Slytherin21Slytherin21 10 replies1 threads New Member
    Just so y'all know, I got deferred EA but got in on the RD round. I want to let all the juniors reading this thread know that it isn't worth stressing over the college process. I went through so much stress when I got deferred from Georgetown because I convinced myself that I won't get into any good universities. As of May 23rd, I got into 75% of my universities, all of which were my preferred universities, Georgetown included. My stats do not compare to other amazing candidates at all, yet they got waitlisted/denied from Georgetown and I got in. This is not intended to flex on anyone, only to inform others that even a mediocre candidate like me could get into a prestigious university if they believe in the process and be truly genuine in their application. I know that the Coronavirus pandemic will highly affect the college process for rising seniors, however, I believe that you all will get into your dream schools if you do your job and simply trust the process. Even if you don't get into your dream school, I believe that universities aren't stupid and will definitely consider a multi-faceted analysis of students based on their passion for what they love, what they've pursued, their strengths and limitations, etc. It's not all about academics or getting the highest SAT score; it's also about enjoying the process as you prepare to apply to the college you desire. Relax, take a deep breath, and wish for the best. Peace XD
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