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Georgetown Transfer Chance Me

Nomak54Nomak54 37 replies24 threads Junior Member
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Currently a Sophomore at Univeristy of Houston. Aiming to transfer Spring 2021 and spend one more semester at UH to raise my GPA

SAT - 1250

High School GPA - 2.516

College GPA (two semesters) - 3.22

If it matters, Black male from impoverished background and grew up with a minor (but noticeable) disability

High School EC's - Class President, Chair of Philanthropy Board that oversaw donating $20,000 into our local community, BPA officer for two years, created a leadership development club, two part-time jobs, invited our congresswoman to speak at our school and gave an opening speech, created a program where high school students can volunteer at our partner k-8 school.

College EC's - Got a third new part time job, Intern for Congressional campaign nationally spotlighted. Elected to a precinct chair for the local county party member of various political activist clubs on campus, Became a recruiting officer for one high-level club the past semester. Participated in NROTC (Though I shortly left and switched to AROTC next semester) Writer for student-led media site, soon to start a full time job at the 2020 Census for the summer.

I feel as if my baggage from high school is holding me back. If I really hull ass the next semester do I stand a chance? My family is also really poor so I need to do well in the fin aid department too
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Replies to: Georgetown Transfer Chance Me

  • somewhere2022somewhere2022 28 replies1 threads Junior Member
    edited May 12
    If you get a 4.0 or close and show a strong upward grade trend you might have a chance, especially with your background and extracurriculars. That said, your SAT score and (especially) college GPA would be far below average for successful transfers: https://uadmissions.georgetown.edu/applying/transfer-student-profile/

    For financial aid, Georgetown is need based, not merit based, but not everyone finds it sufficient, though many do.
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  • Nomak54Nomak54 37 replies24 threads Junior Member
    ^Should I retake the SAT or ACT?
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  • somewhere2022somewhere2022 28 replies1 threads Junior Member
    I don't know-I'm not an expert on transfer admissions so I'm not sure if that helps
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  • GAB444GAB444 70 replies12 threads Junior Member
    I don't think you have "baggage" from high school. I think colleges can overlook mediocre high school stats as long as you prove yourself in college. Therefore, I wouldn't be too worried about re-taking your SAT. However, I would look into taking subject tests. I believe Georgetown requires them for transfer admissions (although this requirement could be waived due to COVID and lack of SAT testing availability).

    Unfortunately, I don't think your college GPA is high enough to be competitive at Georgetown (especially coming from the University of Houston). You would probably need to bring your college GPA up to a 3.8 to be competitive.

    On the other hand, your extracurricular activities seem very strong and show you have a strong passion for one area in particular. This will be especially helpful if you plan on studying the area your extracurriculars are concentrated in ( like Government, Political Science, International Relations, ect.). This will also help writing your transfer essays. But, although extracurriculars are important, I don't believe they are important enough to supersede a GPA.

    Although I don't think you would get into Georgetown U. at the moment, I think you could later. If you work to bring your GPA up to a 3.8ish and apply at the end of your Sophomore year, you could have a decent chance.

    This is coming from a student in college attempting to transfer (not an admission officer or college councilor). Hopefully this helps! Good luck!
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  • transfer143948transfer143948 39 replies0 threads Junior Member
    edited May 27
    From what I've seen Georgetown cares ALOT about college gpa for transfers, most accepted students have a 3.9+ From browsing the CC forums, I haven't seen students with even a 3.6/3.7 get in, much less a < 3.5. I would apply broadly within the T30, you never know which school will connect with your life experiences. However, my guess is that they won't offset your lower gpa at Georgetown.
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