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Georgetown 2025 Chances

adfdhkalhdfbamadfdhkalhdfbam 1 replies3 threads New Member
edited September 29 in Georgetown University
Hi! I am applying to Georgetown (government major) EA and would love to hear what you all think about my chances.

My GPA is a 4.7 weighted cumulative (predicted 5.2-5.4 first semester senior year), 32 ACT in February (wasn't able to secure a seat for any subsequent tests). My transcript is complicated by 2 Cs in math and two Bs (chemistry and foreign language). That was all Freshman and Sophomore year. I got straight As junior year. I have taken 5 APs so far and will take another 5 this year. I am taking another AP test as well even though I'm not taking the class.

I am doing an independent study this year about comparative politics (AP Comparative isn't taught at my school) that is the second in the department's history and will culminate in a capstone paper. EC's include internship with a state rep, internship with a political action committee, presidencies of several clubs and internship with US congressperson junior year. I am an organizer for that congressperson's campaign currently.

I am getting a letter of rec from that congressperson who knows me personally and taught at Georgetown for a few years. I was able to read that LOR and it is very good and includes personal details.

I honestly have no idea what to think about my chances. I just had my interview and the interviewer told me that I did a great job and good luck with the process and to reach out if I have questions about the school. The one thing that I am extremely worried about is those Freshman and Sophomore grades, even though they aren't related to my major. I addressed them in my interview.

What do you all think? Thank you for your help.
edited September 29
3 replies
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Replies to: Georgetown 2025 Chances

  • adfdhkalhdfbamadfdhkalhdfbam 1 replies3 threads New Member
    If you have any advice on applying to UVA or UMich either let me know!
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  • somewhere2022somewhere2022 46 replies1 threads Junior Member
    I think you have a good chance. It is obvious why you want to study Government at GU. I wouldn't worry about the freshman grades, sophomore might be a bit more of a concern, a C in sophomore year math would be a real issue even for a Gov major (it can be more quantitative than you think), but the upward trend is good.

    You've done a lot in politics which is fantastic, but aside from "presidencies of several clubs" which could mean a lot of they are real, active, large clubs or very little if those clubs do very little, it's hard to judge the rest of your nonacademic resume.

    Georgetown is never a sure thing, but you have a lot going for you. Keep up good grades this semester: if you're deferred, a really strong academic performance can only help your chances and reinforce an upward trend.
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  • DanHsuanDanHsuan 2 replies2 threads New Member

    Hi guys,

    wow I didn't know that you can get interview as early as September! @adfdhkalhdfbam

    I am a senior from Taiwan.

    I wanted to get yall's feedback on my chances of getting in EA for SFS.


    GPA (Weighted): 4.46
    GPA (Unweighted): 3.86
    *upward trend

    NO SAT score (due to the pandemic, mine was cancelled twice)
    NO SAT Subject Test as well :neutral:

    I was predicted a 34/45 for the IB (5%-10% in class)

    I am a full IB diploma student taking 4 Higher Level Courses: Spanish B, Math AI, Lan Lit, and Business ; Standard Level: Economics, Physics

    *First student in my school to do my Extend Essay in a foreign language (Spanish)


    - Student leader in MUN (40+ conferences), British Parli Debate, Community Service, School Band, and TEDTalk

    - Invited to the United Nations to perform a song I wrote on human trafficking (with that, I was able to get an additional rec letter submitted by one of the UN officials)

    - Worked in a few NGOs and government-affiliated agencies on security, peacebuilding, and youth empowerment

    - I speak Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese fluently as my 3rd and 4th language


    - They are all pretty interesting and unique with my story of being a Taiwanese inside the UN and the song I wrote that led to a new initiative of writing songs on global issues

    Thank you!
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