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Interview Warning

angelnikki1angelnikki1 458 replies52 threads Member
edited December 2004 in Georgetown University
I had my interview, and I think it went well, but he tried to kill me with one question. After I told him I wanted to major in government, he asked me: What is a government major at Georgetown?

I think I distracted him from the fact that the question made no sense to me by talking about the course offerings and that sort of thing...but it certainly got my heart pounding. Is it just me, or is that a really odd question to ask someone? I mean, he didn't ask what do government majors study, or why, but what ARE they...it was just seemed so weird!
edited December 2004
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Replies to: Interview Warning

  • sat908sat908 371 replies29 threads Member
    my interview was chill, no questions like that...he asked why i wanted to go to georgetown (premed for me though), but i guess i would have talked about the courses, and how a government major at georgetown has an advantage over every other government major at other schools due to its location, and the internships gtown offers to its students, and how you could get firsthand experience in a governmental (?) environment...could be cmpletely wrong, but thats prolly what i woulda said
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  • angelnikki1angelnikki1 458 replies52 threads Member
    I think the wording is what threw me off, and I think he did it intentionally to get an interesting answer...
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  • babybird87babybird87 1343 replies42 threads Senior Member
    my interviewer seemed nice but i had the feeling she was a viper underneath
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  • netshark2005netshark2005 910 replies28 threads Member
    Maybe he was unfamiliar...at other schools it's called political science. BTW, that's my major.
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  • hoya_saxa2008hoya_saxa2008 81 replies0 threads Junior Member
    I think "government major" was right. We do have a government major...
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  • manderz1manderz1 651 replies11 threads Member
    I think he wanted to see your response, because does a Government major at Gtown translate 100% to a Poly Sci major (I myself don't know).

    I don't think that's an unreasonable question at all. My interviewer asked me several questions about Georgetown to see what impression I had of it, what exactly I thought I would get out of it, etc.

    It's even more reasonable for an RD'er to get asked a more elaborate question about the school, and test the waters and see if they actually want to go there.
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  • netshark2005netshark2005 910 replies28 threads Member
    Yeah, the govt major is just poli sci with different wording, but you're right, it isn't unreasonable come to think of it.
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