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Gays at Georgetown???

calmomof3calmomof3 9 replies1 threads New Member
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s got accepted at SFS. Given his political interest this would be the ideal school for him over any ivy. However, he is gay and worried about being accepted at Gtown. Does anybody have any knowledge about Gtown's climate in that area???
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Replies to: Gays at Georgetown???

  • shapeofhomeshapeofhome 180 replies10 threads Junior Member
    oh phew. When I saw the subject of this post I was afraid you were some homophobe wanting to make sure everyone was straight.

    From what I know, Georgetown is about 50/50 liberal and conservative. Assuming that the student population is intelligent, since they were accepted to Georgetown, I would say they are therefore rather tolerant. The university itself may be Catholic, but the school and its students are very tolerant from what I have learned thus far.
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  • calmomof3calmomof3 9 replies1 threads New Member
    No, I am not a homophobe, just a loving mom who wants to make his son's life not harder as it is already

    I saw a similar thread at Wesleyan which gave me the idea to start one to get some responses, hopefully from some other gay kids either currently attending Gtown or planning to. As a Jesuit school it may be a little obvious that there is an accepting climate.
    So, if anybody is out there who can help alleviate his concerns...please help.
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  • tulsademtulsadem 235 replies27 threads Junior Member
    Thanks for asking this question. I'm an accepted class of 2012 student and I'm also gay. I've heard very, very mixed things about Gtown's attitude towards gays especially in comparison to GW and American, which are incredibly gay friendly.

    A large dating pool of other gay guys would be nice but all I really want is to feel accepted and integrated on campus. My choice is down to Gtown and Tulane and I definitely feel accepted at Tulane and would love to hear what people have to say about Gtown.
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  • theperfect10theperfect10 52 replies3 threads Junior Member
    I'm a sophomore in the college, and my roomate recently came out as gay. From what I have gathered from conversations with him, I think Georgetown is by and large very accepting of its significant and active gay population. There seem to be many resources and very involved groups on campus... I don't think anyone here would feel ostracized based on their sexuality.
    With that being said, there were some well-publicized incidents on campus earlier this year (which were largely blown out of proportion, IMO) where the word "hate" and "discrimination" were flung around. It wasn't too pretty, but i think that they were dealt with fairly well. They were not issues of intolerance so much as misunderstandings that got out of hand. However, I don't think you'd find any difference at any other university with a similar size/ student body type as Georgetown.
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  • kornpopzkornpopz 251 replies30 threads Junior Member
    I believe theyre opening a new center as a resource for LGBTQ Hoyas.
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