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What Are They Looking For In Georgetown Applicants?

Kiwi_NightsKiwi_Nights 220 replies23 threads Junior Member
edited February 2009 in Georgetown University
What are they looking for, exactly? Obviously, great GPA and SAT scores, but is there a particular emphasis on the other? Do they expect all applicants to have an interest in politics, or are they in want of some literature-art types? I'm considering applying to Georgetown, but for me, it's essential knowing what the college is looking for - it indicates whether it's going to be the right fit for me.

if anyone has any advice, tips, or answers, that would help, thanks.
edited February 2009
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Replies to: What Are They Looking For In Georgetown Applicants?

  • rabar789rabar789 114 replies13 threads Junior Member
    Breadth and depth.

    Those are the two things that sum it up. They want a lot of extracurriculars, for example, but not just ones you "showed up" in --- I mean above and beyond that, like leadership positions.

    They also want some kind of "wow factor." Like what makes you different than the other thousands of applicants? Anyone, with enough work, can get a 1600 on the SATs, big deal. But how many people are Eagle Scouts? Nationally recognized artists or musicians? Star athletes? Georgetown (and the other highly-selective universities) want the most interesting, creative, and intelligent individuals.
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  • JohnRamboMcCainJohnRamboMcCain 147 replies12 threads Junior Member
    I'd challenge you on the eagle scout vs 1600 thing. Both require some ability combined with a lot of hard work. 2% of boyscouts become eagle scouts, while <.02% of SAT takers last year got 2400s (i don't have info w/o writing).
    While both are impressive, the latter is just as much of a wow as the former, if not more so
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  • ModadunnModadunn 6178 replies85 threads Senior Member
    I caution this thread on it's teetering on the edge of the EC vs Intelligence debate. I think we can all agree that there are strengths recognized in both and what Georgetown, as well as any other selective school, is looking for are interesting, intelligent and involved individuals who will contribute to the culture of the University AND possibly bring it recognition in the future. It is not perfect scores and/or perfect involvement. And one does not preclude the other. I honestly believe you have to look at admissions like a puzzle and as different pieces begin to fit, what admissions is looking for begins to shift.
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