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Problem with interviewer – Advise?

VerbalVerbal 71 replies15 threads Junior Member
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Hi all,

I have been having considerable problems setting up my interview for Georgetown and was wondering what advise all of you have. After being given the interviewer’s contact information, we exchanged several amicable emails about times and days available. She asked that we meet at 5:30 on this Monday on the 23rd, and I responded that day asking if we could move it to 6:00 as the location she decided on would be somewhat difficult for me to get to. She then responded on the 25th that that would not work for her as she had a prior engagement that night, I responded the night of the 25th saying that I understood and would do my best to get there by 5:30.

Then, on the morning of the 26th, she sent me an email that would no longer work and we needed to find a new day, in a new tone and telling me that not having an agreed upon time before the day before was unprofessional. I apologized and told her that I was doing my best to work around the fact that public transit is my only mode of transit, and asked her if the same location and time would on Wednesday of this week. Then she sent me an email, saying that would work and asking me to confirm on Wednesday. I did so this morning, after which she left a voicemail saying that I did not confirm the day before so we would unable to meet today and that I should give her a call back because it was clear I was unable to schedule an interview via email.

She has now emailed me again telling me that if I am actually serious about Georgetown, I will give her a call back. I am very serious about Georgetown, it is one of my top schools, and I feel as though it will be an important factor for me as I think I am on the edge (SAT: 1510/2220, SATII: 800/710/680, but 3.86W). I have scheduled and completed three other interviews successfully without any of these false starts. I feel as though if I show up for this interview, the interviewer’s perception of me is already fairly negative. What is the best course of action at this point? If I decide that I no longer want an interview, will she still be able to send a negative report about me? I’m rather conflicted and any help would be appreciated.
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Replies to: Problem with interviewer – Advise?

  • ramennoodles08ramennoodles08 359 replies25 threads Member
    My suggestion is to keep trying to schedule an interview, your stats are within range(if not a little bit above), and I don't think you are borderline with those stats at GTown even though it is a very good school.
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  • yenrodyenrod 242 replies4 threads Junior Member
    If you feel that your interview goes badly because of the interviewer's negative preconceptions, perhaps you may want to contact your local admissions representative to explain what happened. If your story is accurate, it sound like your interviewer is a real jerk and illogical. But you must handle this issue delicatley.

    Good luck and I'm sorry this had to happen.
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  • laxtaxilaxtaxi 716 replies42 threads Member
    The first time you had a negative email from her you should have picked up the phone and defused the situation by speaking with her directly. I suggest you do so now, immediately. It's amazing how personal contact can undo perceived email hostility.
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  • b'smomb'smom 712 replies0 threads Member
    great idea! use the phone.
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  • ModadunnModadunn 6178 replies85 threads Senior Member
    I have a little bit of an issue that this interviewer could not appreciate the public transportation issues and made it easier. Just because these are kids does not mean they don't have lives and schedules like the rest of us.

    But yet, after the first mix up there should have been a phone call made. My son's interviewer called... they set it up for the following Friday... there was no confirmation email or phone call (as both assumed it was on their calendars I suppose).. and he showed up a few minutes early and that was that.
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  • squaregirlsquaregirl 689 replies16 threads Member
    As someone who has the same issue with public transportation, I'm incredibly empathetic. I had similar issues with a Vassar interview; hope it works out for the best for you!
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  • waveswatcherwaveswatcher 353 replies42 threads Member
    My interviewer spent more time talking about himself and hardly let me get a word in edgewise. I applied to GU EA and was deferred and I think that his interview was one of the reasons. If GU is your dream, then you have to speak up for yourself. If this isn't going well, then get on the phone to your interviewer and smooth it over. If its too late to win her over, then call your local rep and tell them what is going on. Don't let anybody screw this up for you, it seems like you've worked to hard!
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  • laxtaxilaxtaxi 716 replies42 threads Member
    As one who interviews for another high profile college as an alumni, I can tell you that the alumni interview coordinators want to give every applicant a fair shake. BUT I wouldn't call the alumni coordinator unless you have attempted and exhausted efforts at direct communication with the original interviewer.
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  • hannabanhannaban 63 replies6 threads Junior Member
    contact the chairman of the local alumni committee
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