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Do I even have a shot at getting into GA Tech

stokes894stokes894 Registered User Posts: 38 Junior Member
I'd really appreciate current students or other hopefuls to give me their take on my outlook for Georgia Tech.

*I'm a rising senior who lives 30 minutes from the school, attends a private prep-shool, and is white.

* I kind of screwed up my 9th grade year and took one bad honors class that I made a 79 in so my GPA for 9th-11th using GA techs system is a 3.7. I have taken many honors classes, but I have only taken 1 AP (AP European this year), and I'm taking 2 next year (AP Statistics and Government). The reason for this is that my school only offers about 10 APs and they are very picky about who gets to take them.

* I took the SAT this month and get my scores back tomorrow. I've taken the PSAT 3 times 9th, 10th, and 11th grade and made a 1350 the first time, a 1480 the second time, and an 1820 the last time. I feel like I did better than an 1820 on my first SAT.

* I don't play any sports, but am highly involved in clubs/organizations. I'm in the Beta Club and National Honor Society. I have around 200 hours of community service, and am part of student government and other clubs.

I'm very interested in studying engineering at GA tech, but am not sure if I have the necessary grades to get in. Please tell me from personal experience or other knowledge if you think I will get in if I make all As next year to bring up my GPA. Thank you so much ahead of time for your help.
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Replies to: Do I even have a shot at getting into GA Tech

  • MoreoverMoreover Registered User Posts: 1,158 Senior Member
    Honestly, Georgia Tech looks like a real reach for you. Most kids that get in from suburban Atlanta public schools have AP Calculus- many have taken it in Junior year and take GT extension Calculus 2 senior year or some other higher math. Also your SAT needs to be above 2000. A private school that won't let you take the AP's you want seems like a bad deal. There is a good thread on the forum recently called " Best Route to Tech" comparing easier schools for engineering the first 2 years and the transferring - you should at least pick a school from that thread as a safety.
  • ilyssa1257ilyssa1257 Registered User Posts: 410 Member
    I got an 1840 on the SAT, it is not impossible to get in with an 1820+. It is still a reach and you should have plenty of backups. I also made a C my freshman year of high school and had around a 3.7.
  • stokes894stokes894 Registered User Posts: 38 Junior Member
    I got my SAT back and made a 1900 and although SAT scores are not the only thing taken into consideration, I am either average or above average for all 3 subjects.

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  • SLightManifestoSLightManifesto Registered User Posts: 2,161 Senior Member
    Stokes, I don't see how that's possible considering the average SAT is a 2102.
  • HawkeyeRTCAHawkeyeRTCA Registered User Posts: 7 New Member
    The last time that I checked, the average SAT score of students admitted to Tech is just under 2000.
  • BanjoHitterBanjoHitter Registered User Posts: 1,497 Senior Member
    Actually the average admitted score is over 2100.
  • ilyssa1257ilyssa1257 Registered User Posts: 410 Member
    ^admitted is always higher then the students who actually go. According to the collegeboard GT website, the score is definitely lower then 2100.
  • InPursuitInPursuit Registered User Posts: 536 Member
    While that is true, 2100 is likely closer to the average than "just under 2000." Many of the websites reporting SAT scores are using outdated data, and you will notice their reported scores vary. The median SAT for freshman actually enrolling this fall is 1400 on the 1600 point scale, and 1390 when summer freshmen are included, so it is likely that the median for all three sections is in fact close to 2100, and will likely increase slightly next year.

  • BanjoHitterBanjoHitter Registered User Posts: 1,497 Senior Member
    admitted is always higher then the students who actually go.

    If you're applying for admission, which comparison should you use?
  • HawkeyeRTCAHawkeyeRTCA Registered User Posts: 7 New Member

    When the fact that the average SAT score of attending students is much lower than the average of admitted students, it becomes apparent that the average SAT score for admitted students is not a good assessment of what score would be required to have a realistic chance for admission. Personally, I would think that anyone with score between 1250 and 1600 (on the two-part scale, obviously) would have a very good chance at being admitted, with anyone making between 1150 and 1250 having at least some shot (depending on GPA and extracurriculars, etc.). Simply looking at the average admitted score is not very helpful because less than 40% of those admitted actually attend Georgia Tech. Georgia Tech is well aware of this and admits roughly 2.5x as many freshmen as they actually plan on having at school, and most of those that choose not to attend are going to be in the 1450-1600 range, not the 1150-1450 range. What I'm saying here is common sense: more people who have GT as their first choice or reach school (and are admitted) are going to attend than those who have it as a safety school. Therefore, I'd say that the average admitted scores really are not a good gauge at all, as they are wildly distorted by those who applied to GT as a safety school or something of the like.

    (Stats for the class of 2014)
    Average for those admitted: ~2100 (7000 students)
    Average for those attending: ~2000 (2650 students)

    That means that the average of those choosing not to attend was around 2170. It is not exactly helpful to include those at the top of the SAT scale who GT admits knowing full and well that there is a good chance that they may not attend (which I again reiterate is 3/5 of all accepted students) when considering the prospect of admission for someone who is on the lower end of the scale.
  • InPursuitInPursuit Registered User Posts: 536 Member
    @ Hawkeye: Where are you getting an average score of 2000 for those enrolling in 2014?

    It is true that you do not need a 2100 to get accepted, since 50% of accepted students have scores below that, and 25% have a score below 1320 on the 1600 point scale. I disagree that those with 1250-1300 scores have a very good chance. Tech certainly admits students with these scores, but they have done other things to make themselves stand out.
  • HawkeyeRTCAHawkeyeRTCA Registered User Posts: 7 New Member
    Georgia Institute of Technology :: Undergraduate Admission :: Quick Facts

    A 1900 (approximately 1270 on the 2 part scale) is the 25th percentile of those admitted. I still say that 1250+ gives one a good chance at admission.
  • InPursuitInPursuit Registered User Posts: 536 Member
    Those are last years numbers and next years numbers (which are more relevant to the OP) will likely be a good bit higher than those. Of course one can, and a good number of people do, get in with a 1250, but since that is well below the 25th percentile of 1320, it is quite a stretch to say someone with a 1250 has a "good chance" of admission based on SAT score alone. A score of 1250 with a strong GPA, compelling essay, and/or strong extracurricular involvement could very well be a competitive candidate. Among those accepted for the summer, a 1240 marked the 25th percentile, so applicants in that range definitely have a chance, but I wouldn't qualify it as good. It means, provided other factors are present, you can get in, not that you should count on being accepted.

    Also, a 1900 does not equal a 1270, as Tech applicants typically have lower writing scores on average, so a 1900 translates to about a 1300 on the 1600 point scale, as indicated in the data I linked to.
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