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Subject SAT

AnnaMom1AnnaMom1 1 replies2 threads New Member
Hello All-

I was looking to solicit your opinion if my D (senior at high school)needs to be submit the subject SAT test scores. She is applying for Biomedical or Bio engineering programs. She has a ACT score of 34. Math 2 - 770 and Bio SAT 710

She is planning to apply to UCLA, UC San Diego, UC Berkeley, UC Irvine and UC Davis along with Cal Poly. I have gone through the requirements on their website and even though they say Subject SAT is not a requirement (optional) but it may improve ones chances.

Other than University of California she will apply to Georgia Tech, University of Austin, University of Michigan

Two questions - Please provide responses for either UC OR Others OR Both depending on your experience (if you/your kid has gone through this) OR you have seen or known people getting into the UC or one of the other college with similar score OR you are a Councillor.
Q1. Is the subject score (specially Bio) OK to report (a) to UC (b) Other Pool. Or it may just be wise to only report Math 2?
Q2. Can reporting a Bio Subject SAT score hurt for (a) UC (b) Other Pool.

My sincere thanks for your attention to this question. Really obliged.
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Replies to: Subject SAT

  • UVAmom23UVAmom23 131 replies9 threads Junior Member
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    My son is a freshman at Georgia Tech. His ACT was a 35 and he got an 800 on Math II and a 790 on Chemistry for the SAT subject tests. He submitted both. Not sure whether your daughters scores will help or hurt? It is pretty common for those who take the math SAT II at Tech to have 800s (easier to get an 800 on SAT II than SAT). That being said, it is another data point that shows her ACT was not a fluke. There is no credit for Bio from SAT subject tests I don't think and it is a little low so I probably would not submit that to Tech.
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