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Chance a nervous CS major

xGunnerxGunner 26 replies1 threads Junior Member
Hey guys, I don't do this too much, but I've come to the conclusion that Tech is my top choice. That being said, I wish to know what my chances are, and hopefully gain some comfort as I near the January decision date.
White, middle-class from CT
GPA: 4 converted / 4 scale (4.23/4.33 scale)
SAT: 1540 (760EBRW/780MATH)
ACT: 34 (35/34/32/33) I reported both. I just took the ACT in October so hopefully I can get a 35.
SATII: 790 MathII, 730 Chemistry. Submitted both
Cross country, indoor and outdoor track for four years. Im not that fast but hopefully this year I can produce a decent time in track.
Work experience last two summers, full-time job last summer (between junior and senior year).
Principal's advisory council
networking internship with school director of technology
LORs should be good and I'm relatively proud of my essays.

I'm hoping that the OOS effect doesn't screw me :(
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Replies to: Chance a nervous CS major

  • InPursuitInPursuit 581 replies2 threads Member
    Your academics are outstanding, but what sets you apart from the thousands of other OOS applicants that also have outstanding grades and scores? Your ECs show that you were involved, but don't appear to show (based solely on your post) strong leadership or significant community impact. Your essay is going to need to convince admissions that they should pick you over others that are very similar to you, and that's a hard task. I would treat Tech as a reach school and be sure to have other plans if you don't get in. With your strong academic achievements, you should have a lot of options if you apply well.
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  • xGunnerxGunner 26 replies1 threads Junior Member
    Ok thanks for the response. I hope my stats will be enough but the lack of ECs does hurt. It's amazing how selective this school has become over the last decade or so; there's a similar trend with UChicago. Hopefully everything will fall into place
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  • racereerracereer 340 replies1 threads Member
    What is your course rigor like? Was it the most rigorous available to you? What math level have you completed. GT considers gpa, course rigor, and ECs most important.
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  • xGunnerxGunner 26 replies1 threads Junior Member
    yeah I have a seven period day. Besides the one required for religion, I am taking all AP courses and the highest math offered (AP Calc AB with BC exam). My current course load is AP Statistics, AP Physics C, AP Biology + Lab (2 periods), AP English, AP Calc AB, and that religion course
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  • xGunnerxGunner 26 replies1 threads Junior Member
    ok so now that we're getting very close and my stress is beginning to add up, I want to add that I'm taking the hardest course load offered at my school this year and have basically been during high school. my parents also got divorced during sophomore year which I think was reflected in my counselor recommendation. Im a NMSQT commended student, just missed the cutoff by like 20 points. I'd also say my commonapp Essay is pretty good but my supplement is decent
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  • yungkaviaryungkaviar 22 replies2 threads Junior Member
    Hey there, I’m also a senior so take whatever I say with a grain of salt
    Your academics are stellar, and you probably know this already :P
    Thing is Tech already gets so many stellar applications in terms of academics and test scores.
    Work experience is great, big thumbs up.
    I don’t see any leadership/community? Tech is heavy on both these aspects. Other schools I might’ve not mentioned it but Tech in particular is *very* heavy on leadership qualities and giving back to those around you.
    It’s a reach for everyone, of course, and while your academics are fine I hope your essays worked in your favor (more insight into who you are, personal qualities).
    Best of luck so close to decision release, we’re in this together.
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