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Please Chance Me for GT!

iamcastleminiamcastlemin 9 replies5 threads New Member
International (but Georgia resident), Asian (South Korea)

GPA: 3.3 UW 3.6 W
- 2 years in South Korea, GPA burning in hell
- 2 years in the US (at a Georgia High School), GPA 4.0 UW / 4.75 W

SAT: 1450 / SuperScore: 1520 (English: 720, Math: 800)

- South Korea: Volunteering +200h, Peer Tutoring / Lecturing Club President, Marketing Strategy Research Club President, Theater Club Actor, Human Rights Group Manager, Floor Hockey Co-captain, etc.

- US: App Development / Introductory Programming Tutoring Club President, Math Club, Book Debate Club, Volunteering +100h, etc.

- South Korea: A lot of school / regional level awards
- US: Math Tournament School Best Performer (Regional, at a state university), Principal’s List (does this even count?)

- I suppose it's okay, since it's just honestly all about me and what I want to do with computer science. I think it shows who I really am, rather than bragging about everything.

Intended Major: Computer Science

Harshly critique me please.
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Replies to: Please Chance Me for GT!

  • xGunnerxGunner 26 replies1 threads Junior Member
    Did you apply as in-state?
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  • racereerracereer 321 replies1 threads Member
    On the surface I would say it will be very tough to overcome that GPA. Only ~2% of admitted students have a GPA below 3.5. If you are able to apply as an in-state GA resident that would help, but it sounds like that may not be the case. Course rigor would be the only other thing that could help. How rigorous of classes have you taken? Not sure how the adcoms will view your drastic change in GPA since you came to the states. GT puts GPA and course rigor above test scores for admission importance.
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  • WhrlingCollegesWhrlingColleges 44 replies1 threads Junior Member
    I also think that GPA is going to very difficult to overcome for GT. You really did pull it up during the final two years, so it's a shame that the first two are weighing you down so much. But they are, sad to say. I don't even know if instate admission would be possible with such a low GPA. And it's not offset by a killer SAT score either (although GPA is much more important for GT admissions). ECs look very good. The problem is, you are competing against thousands of super high-achieving applicants from all over the world who really want to go to Georgia Tech too, and they've got the GPAs, the SAT/ACT scores and the ECs to back it up. The reality is, even most of them will not get in.
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  • iamcastleminiamcastlemin 9 replies5 threads New Member
    I hate to rattle off with excuses, but I was in a knowledgable boarding school, and the education there is just hell. Also the school doesn't allow the teachers to give more than 15 As out of 200 students. Grade deflation is miserable. Maybe the admission officers will be aware of that and hopefully take that in mind, but I am ready to take the consequences of a low GPA, no matter what. After all it's my fault not being able to break through that top 7.5%. Thank you for your reply.
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  • iamcastleminiamcastlemin 9 replies5 threads New Member
    I see. I will just hope that the admission officers will see something special in my application and take me for the 2% of people accepted below a 3.5 GPA. My supplemental essay also talks about how GT's "Improving the Human Condition" fits perfectly with my entire life backed up with my ECs, so I'll cross my fingers for them to even look at my application. Thank you for your reply.
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  • iamcastleminiamcastlemin 9 replies5 threads New Member
    I suppose I am probably going to fall in the international pool. However, at the GT campus tour, I was told that they compare students to other students in their graduating high school and region, so I am not sure even how I will be evaluated.
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  • AlwaysMovingAlwaysMoving 304 replies2 threads Member
    Are you graduating from a HS in Georgia or Korea?
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  • iamcastleminiamcastlemin 9 replies5 threads New Member
    I am graduating from a Georgia HS.
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