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Chance a nervous EA lad?

patssox2019patssox2019 18 replies8 threads Junior Member
Major: Biochem
Caucasian Male
SAT: 1570 (770R/W-800M)
SAT II: 800 Bio, 790 Math II, 790 Chem, 730 Latin
Bio -5
Euro - 5
Chem - 5
Seminar - 4
Latin - 4
Senior Classes:
AP Lit
AP Research
AP Psych
Multivariable Calc
AP Macroeconomics
AP Government
AP Physics C: E&M + Mechanics
Math Modeling Honors
Ecological Bio Research - Not necessarily the most major oriented, but I love the social impacts of the project I work in. I analyze data and will be cited as a contributor at the Jan-Feb publication date.
Mu Alpha Theta - President. I have expanded community outreach via digitizing the school-wide tutoring system. I have also raised money for several subcommittees that increase general math engagement at my school.
Entrepreneurship Club founder - I founded a club where I weekly teach ~20 students about Shopify web development. I am working to provide entrance opportunities to local business competitions.
Science Olympiad President - I have several regional firsts and seconds and have recruited 20+ new members.
Speech and Debate Treasurer - I have won a couple of regional tournaments and helped organize some local middle school competitions.
NHS Secretary - I have organized an AP prep book drive for a local impoverished high school.
Latin Club Treasurer - I have a couple of 10-15th places at national competitions. Several t5s in state.

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Replies to: Chance a nervous EA lad?

  • racereerracereer 321 replies1 threads Member
  • patssox2019patssox2019 18 replies8 threads Junior Member
  • racereerracereer 321 replies1 threads Member
    Obviously you are an extremely strong candidate and should have a good chance at admissions, but there are no guarantees. There are always a few cases of very high stat applicants that don't get accepted. GoBears2023 comes to mind last year as he was rejected by GT but accepted to Stanford and MIT among others. The only negative (if you can call it that) I can see on your ECs would be that they are mostly academic. Did you have any sports, music, theater, or community service? I see the you are taking MV Calc this year but don't have AP Calc AB or BC listed. Did you take a college level DE Calc?
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  • WhrlingCollegesWhrlingColleges 44 replies1 threads Junior Member
    You bring some amazing things to the table. It also helps that you are NOT applying for engineering or computer science, which are the highest reaches at Georgia Tech. A couple of things might be lacking: have you had any involvement in sports or music/theatre? That would round you out if a holistic approach is applied, which I believe is the case with Georgia Tech admissions. Also, have you had any paid employment of significant volunteer work (beyond what you do with the other students in the entrepreneur club)? What have you done during the summers? That said, I can only second the opinion that there are no guarantees at a place like GT for even the highest level applicants. I also know of some kids with perfect standardized test scores and other accomplishments who did not get in to Georgia Tech. The ones I know of were applying for admission to engineering and CS, though. As I said, applying for biochem helps you. You should certainly apply, but send applications to many other places too. This is a very selective school and becoming increasingly so every year.
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