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What are my chances for getting into Georgia Tech as a transfer?

Jacobmalon21Jacobmalon21 0 replies1 threads New Member
Hi guys I am applying for GT transfer for Fall 2020. I am applying for CS. I heard it is the hardest major to transfer into. I am currently a freshman at Georgia State. So far, both my GPA (4.0) and credit hours (73) are fine.

What I am worried about is my extracurriculars. So far these are my extracurricular activities for first year:

-DLL Program (lead programmer. created a web and mobile application. Won 2nd place in Hackathon)
-Own volunteering club (officially chartered by Georgia State)
-Special research project granted by Department Head professor (CS oriented project)
-completed outside online CS courses on my own on Coursera due to personal interests
-Hooks/Unique: I have also landed an internship from a top tech company for Summer 2020.

A couple of my friends have told me that my extracurriculars are alright but I still don't feel confident. Especially considering the fact that CS is the hardest major to transfer into, I want to make sure I improve my extracurriculars. Also could you guys share what extracurriculars you guys did before transferring? I think my essays are fine and I am working on improving them. I am open to feedbacks and suggestions! Thank you.
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