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Another Chance Me :))

clgapp123clgapp123 3 replies1 threads New Member
I'm an applicant for Georgia Tech class 2024.
Demographics: Asian(Indian), Out of state, US Citizen (Lived and completed education outside India)

Major: Computer Science

External Exams:
SAT: 1380 superscored (780M)
SAT Subject Math Level 2: 800
SAT Subject Physics: 720

GPA: Not reported, Self calculated ~ 97.5/100 (3.88), CS is pretty much 100
Course Rigor: India CBSE, Highest rigor (As far as I know).
Subject: English, Physics, Maths, Chemistry, Computer Science

Extra Curricular's:
1) Represented Country at international hackathon (IT Leader)
2) Created schools voting software
3) 1st National Hackathon
4) 3rd National Competitive Coding- Lead Programmer
5) 1st Local Hackathon - Leader
6) 3rd Local Competitive Coding - Lead Programmer
7) Participation - Local Hackathon (Got me selected for international representation)-Leader
8) 2nd Local Hackathon
9) Part of CISCO talent outreach
10) Silverzone IIO class rank 1, state rank 5 intl rank 135 ish

Computer Science Teacher, Principal - Both know about my representations and International Hackathon and stuff so prob about that.

Commonapp- Topic that interests you, lose track of time:
Programming, Talked about how I got into programming, Logical Puzzles- Rubiks cube- robotics- programming
talked about preparing for the international hackathon, working for it, Losing time for the same, how I learn and refer when I need help, How "I don't need a cup of coffee to keep me awake, all I need is a good programming puzzle to keep me up" (Phrased differently but really liked this line :smile: )

Talked about GT's CS program and concept of threads. Talked about how GT's location has good access to internships and stuff. Added a few clubs I was interested in etc

Based on this what are my chances?

From what I've read GT puts a very high importance on course rigor, GPA, and EC's and SAT is comparatively less. Hoping my EC's are able to make up for my SAT (Math is still fine and subscores has only 1 question wrong, and level 2 Math might help). SAT 2 Physics is low but decided to send it to show I branch out a bit. GPA is petty rocky, Luckily Indian CBSE so was pretty lenient while converting. I would say take my GPA to be 3.8/4.0 ish to be on the safe side. Overall my marks in CS are highest in my grade so hoping they consider that over my terrible chemistry marks :))

Note: I put summer interest as yes. Hoping that even If I don't get Fall I can get Summer or maybe even the Transfer Pathway for next year :P

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Replies to: Another Chance Me :))

  • WhrlingCollegesWhrlingColleges 60 replies1 threads Junior Member
    Ok, I will offer a response. You might not like it. I will start off by saying, as I’m sure others who have some familiarity with Georgia Tech would do, that everybody’s chances of admission are very weak, regardless of how high their test scores or GPAs are, or what ECs they bring to the table. This is much harder still for out-of state applicants. It is true, as you say, that GT does not put the highest weight on standardized test scores and focuses more heavily on GPA and other factors in its holistic evaluation process. That said, your “non-reported” GPA of 3.88 is low for GT. Also, your ECs and commendations seem to consist entirely of hacking and robotics endeavors. No arts? Sports? Leadership? Unless there’s more, I’d say this is a long, long shot.
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  • PuppyMPuppyM 100 replies1 threads Junior Member
    One-dimensional doesn't play well in holistic review.
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  • macroraptormacroraptor 40 replies6 threads Junior Member
    I agree that your chances aren't very high, but since you are so strong in one field (International level), you may be a bit of a wild card and thus some normal rules of gauging chances (GPA, leadership) may not matter as much.
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