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Help, can someone evaluate my chances?

924588672924588672 1 replies1 threads New Member
Hi, I'm new to this thing so I may lack some information.
Firstly, I applied to Georgia Tech as a regular decision. I live in South Carolina and I go to this very difficult high school called the Governor's school for science and mathematics.
My GPA (weighted or unweighted) is 3.806 or 4.789. My SAT composite is 1300 and my ACT isn't all that good either, it's a 28.

I take a lot of classes so I guess that gives me a boost in curriculum rigor. I have 8 classes in total, AP stats, AP English Lit, Calculus BC, fundamental physics, Number theory, Data structure, Spanish 4, and art.

I also do a lot of community service. I have about a total of 150 hours from my junior year to senior year. I was a founding member of the newspaper club at my school. I'm the vice president of the art club and secretary of the Asian Music society. I did cross-country for a year. Never really liked it.

I'm Chinese and my parents never went to college so I'm a first-generation student.

For anyone reading this, could you please evaluate my chances of getting into Georgia Tech? It's my first choice college.
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Replies to: Help, can someone evaluate my chances?

  • TheVulcanTheVulcan 428 replies1 threads Member
    Georgia Tech turns away many OOS applicants with perfect academic records, and your test scores are significantly below 25th percentile of their last year's admitted class (SAT 1400, ACT 31).


    Note that these averages include in-state students that have lower averages than OOS ones.
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  • 924588672924588672 1 replies1 threads New Member
    Oh, thanks for the link. I though that my extracurricular activities would make up for the lacks in my academic record. I forgot to mention that I am a student ambassador for my school and I did research at a University for a summer. I was the research intern and I will have a research paper pubished later this year.

    I thought that these aspects might help with my admission process. What do you think?
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  • happy1happy1 23581 replies2340 threads Senior Member
    edited February 13
    Even with holistic admissions academics are generally the top priority. Admissions has to focus on students who have demonstrated the ability to thrive academically at their college. Having standardized tests below the 25th percentile will hurt your chance of admission. Being OOS further lowers your chance of admission with below average stats. Typically strong ECs do not make up for subpar academics (with the possible exception of earth -shattering ECs such as winning a Nobel prize, an Olympic gold medal or something along those lines).

    You have very nice HS accomplishments. It is fine that you applied to GA Tech as a reach school. Hopefully you have a well balanced application list that also includes a number of match and safety schools that appear affordable and that you would be excited to attend.
    edited February 13
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  • racereerracereer 389 replies1 threads Member
    edited February 14
    What was your SAT split? If you have a very high Math score that might help some. Does you school have a history of getting students accepted to GT as that can be helpful? My S19 went to a similar Governor's school from OOS which sends students to GT each year. Last year, from a graduating class of 81, they had 8 accepted. His SAT verbal was below the 25th percentile but his math was 75th percentile and he was accepted. Your chances are very low, but these are the types of things that would increase your chances with the stats you have given.

    Waiting until RD to apply, also, does not help as the have already accepted ~4.6K applicants which means they only have ~3k spots left for RD. The overall acceptance for RD is going to be in the 13% range so OOS is going to be even lower.
    edited February 14
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  • PublisherPublisher 10449 replies131 threads Senior Member
    edited February 14
    Your class rank is an important factor. Unfortunately, your SAT & ACT scores are quite low even if you were a Georgia resident so I think that your chance of being offered admission to Georgia Tech is low.

    Have you taken any SAT subject matter tests in math ?
    edited February 14
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  • ChemEboyNYChemEboyNY 55 replies1 threads Junior Member
    Applied for regular admission with the following stats and wondering if I have a chance get into GT ChemE program:

    ACT 36 (superscore)
    SAT: 1560
    GPA:3.83 (unweighted) / 3.98 (weighted)
    Rank: 9/522
    ECs: Varsity tennis team captain, spelling bee NY regional level, hundreds of hours of volunteer work, etc.
    Residency: OOS

    Accepted to:

    - UT, Austin with $15K/year merit scholarship
    - Free tuition (based on merit) for 4 years to attend ChemE program at State University of NY
    - West Point (US Military Academy), and
    - Univ of Minnesota

    Waiting to hear from Georgia Tech and Berkeley. Thanks in advance for your input.
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  • macroraptormacroraptor 41 replies6 threads Junior Member
    Your test scores are VERY strong, but your GPA is quite low. I would imagine that would be a fairly large concern. Besides that, it seems like you have decent ECs and show some good leadership. Honestly, for you, I think it will come down to the essays.
    It's definitely a reach, but I think you have a decent chance if you have good supplementals.
    Also, go ChemE!
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