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Chance of Rescinding My Admission??

kccb30kccb30 2 replies1 threads New Member
So, I got into Tech through the early admission somehow (yay!!), and I was really excited that they took me even though my stats are rather low with a 94 gpa/1290 SAT, so I wanted to be really careful about my grades this semester. However, I made the biggest mistake by taking calculus at KSU where I dual enroll. I hate math, I'm unable to do math, and I hate my professor and I'm likely going to get a C in this class if I'm lucky. I'm majoring in International Relations, so I guess it could be a lot worse, but do you think one C in calculus is enough for them to change their mind? I'm also looking at a B in my theater class, but I don't think that'll kill my acceptance, probably just my GPA. So, far my college GPA is a 4.0, so that might help them show I can do college, and that math just isn't my subject.
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Replies to: Chance of Rescinding My Admission??

  • izrk02izrk02 734 replies27 threads Member
    Colleges don't typically rescind for Cs. Unless the C was in a class related to your major (which it isn't), you're fine.
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  • kccb30kccb30 2 replies1 threads New Member
    Ok thanks!
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  • InPursuitInPursuit 583 replies2 threads Member
    edited February 19
    Congrats on getting in! A C will be fine, but don't fail. Tech is very math intensive, and every degree awarded at Tech is a Bachelor of Science degree, so you will have to take a certain number of math and science classes if you attend. Keep that in mind.

    I've never believed in the "some people aren't good at math" myth. Perhaps you have a weak background in trigonometry or didn't work that hard, but if you're otherwise getting As in everything, don't sell yourself short by assuming you're not a math person. If you struggle with a class in college (or high school), you should seek out help as early as possible.
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