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Average SAT score of admitted students at Tech 1402/1600


Replies to: Average SAT score of admitted students at Tech 1402/1600

  • SLightManifestoSLightManifesto Registered User Posts: 2,161 Senior Member
    Wow. That pretty much makes me lose my edge. With a 3.50 Tech GPA, Top 14% Classrank, and 32 (1420) ACT and 1400/2160 SAT, I probably am far, far below average on the whole and won't get in now.
  • silverturtlesilverturtle Registered User Posts: 12,496 Senior Member
    Interestingly, the admitted students who actually decided to enroll at Tech have a slightly lower average SAT score of 1368

    I would say more than "slightly lower."
  • GrannyGranny Registered User Posts: 359 Member
    The 3.5 is the bad part. 1470 and 3.735 (Tech calculation) was waitlisted.
  • SLightManifestoSLightManifesto Registered User Posts: 2,161 Senior Member
    Wow...I'm kind of devastated now. F**k I should have gone to public school. Does Tech look at 7th semester grades? If I get an A in AP Calc, AP Bio, AP Physics, and H English, I will have a 3.675 Tech calculated GPA.
  • bernie2012bernie2012 Registered User Posts: 614 Member
    Congratulations,you guys basically tied us. Y'all were actually slightly higher though. We had 1399 lol. However, there normally isn't that big of a difference between those who enroll and those who were admitted. Nice job, you guys are doing extremely well at attracting good students. We could use some pointers in perhaps marketing as applications have declined two years now (somehow the average SAT increased for 2014 anyway though) Nice to see my favorite public/ our "partner in crime" doing well. Plus I've seen that you guys have lots of neat construction projects going on over there, like that learning center. Seems like it'll be amazing. Wonder when it'll finish so I can go check it out :) .
  • SLightManifestoSLightManifesto Registered User Posts: 2,161 Senior Member
    Granny, doesn't the fact that I have a 3.41 unweighted (3.50 Tech weighted) which makes me Top 14% give me any boost? I'm reading http://talk.collegeconfidential.com/georgia-institute-technology/880310-class-2014-official-rd-decisions-thread.html and people are Top 50% and getting 3.6's. Such a joke. I'm out of state though so that should give me a boost.
  • runningncircles1runningncircles1 Registered User Posts: 1,856 Senior Member
    Yeah, the GPA is more the killer in your case, SLight, but it's not a total killer. I've seen worse get in. I mean, if you had a 3.5 and a low GPA, I'd be questioning it, but if it's a 3.5 and a higher than average SAT for applicants, it may mean you went to a tough school. I mean, if you were lazy, chances are both would be much lower. Just as an example, I knew someone in high school who got in with 1120 and a 3.65, so I definitely don't think you're out of the running. It isn't just the numbers, but also personality conveyed in the essay, etc.. Make sure to give off a good personality, work ethic, etc. in the essay. They really do read them even though they are a Tech school. Show them that there is a real person behind the numbers that will contribute more than just statistics to the school.
  • SLightManifestoSLightManifesto Registered User Posts: 2,161 Senior Member
    Thanks for your suggestions, runningncircles1. I would give anything to attend this school in a year and I hope I can show that passion in both the app and during the potential waitlist month.
  • GrannyGranny Registered User Posts: 359 Member
    They do consider first semester senior grades - the one I mentioned made straight A that semester with 3 APs and it did raise the GPA. From what I've read, this past year, Tech had the best set of apps it has had. Birth rate had a local peak in 1990 and is on its way down so admssions might become easier going forward.
  • zheng18552zheng18552 Registered User Posts: 22 New Member
    I think i would still get in if I apply this year
  • ilyssa1257ilyssa1257 Registered User Posts: 410 Member
    @ slightManifest, how did you do on your AP exams? I am sure if you emailed your admission councilor it would help show how rigorous your school was.I was always emailing my admission councilor with questions. It helps.
  • SLightManifestoSLightManifesto Registered User Posts: 2,161 Senior Member
    I got a 3 on AP Chem - next year I have Calc, Physics B, and Bio. And I emailed my admissions counselor once but I don't want to bug her - just let her know I am here and interested.
  • ilyssa1257ilyssa1257 Registered User Posts: 410 Member

    why do you claim other schools inflate grades when they have a 3.9 and a 1800 SAT scores. And you have claimed that you would be mad if you didnt get in when I did with an 1840 3.8ish GPA? I got a 5 on BC calc(5 AB sub-score), a 5 of Physics C mechanics when I wasnt even in the class, and a 4 on AP chemistry. How can you claim your school is much more rigorous when you have no great AP scores to prove it?
  • bernie2012bernie2012 Registered User Posts: 614 Member
    That's an interesting question ilyssa, but you kind of contradict yourself when you say that you got those scores when you were not even in class. That means that you were probably very good at prepping or doing well in those subject areas without a classroom. You would have actually probably done well on SAT IIs also. If anything, your question raises questions about the relevance of SAT Reasoning scores. This is exactly why most top schools want SATIIs I suppose. Apparently reasoning test scores don't correlate as well with performance at the college level as many would like to think, especially amongst high performance students. I think back to my freshman year at Emory, and remember all of the people/friends with better math SAT scores (overall scores too, even though mines were solid) and perhaps better math backgrounds and similar science backgrounds, and many really struggled in the pre-med weeder courses much more than I did (those actually went well except 1st semester where I got a B- in bio and a B in orgo. :( , but many of my friends got C and D range grades in the respective courses, and in some cases the gen. chem, gen. bio combo). It, however, normally works in reverse though, especially at private colleges. The GPAs are higher than what would be predicted by SAT scores, and the discrepancies in student performance vs. discrepancy in SAT is somewhat negligible for various reasons including inflation/deflation. Point is, that test (SAT reasoning) does not represent the school well at all. Perhaps the predominance of passing AP/IB scores/subject test scores vs. gpa is revealing.

    Oh, and good job on the physics exams Ilyssa. Those scores will really help you avoid physics there, which is terrible from my understanding. As for chem., just use the AP credit, it looks like a useless class lol.
  • ilyssa1257ilyssa1257 Registered User Posts: 410 Member
    I will definitly be using my AP credits! I was actually in Physics B and prepared outside for the C exam because GT does not take B credit, and I was actually in AP calc BC and Chemistry. I completely agree with you when you say AP Vs. GPA is a better way to determine if the GPA is inflated. I was just trying to make a point that just because you have a low SAT and high GPA it does not mean your school inflates grades. Slightmanifesto might have felt like I didnt deserve to get in to Georgia Tech because I did not have the 2000+ of the average admitted student. I got in because i had 95+ in all my math and science AP classes and got higher on the Physics C test then most of the people who got accepted early action to Tech who were actually in the class. I got a 680 on SAT math but a 5 on the BC calculus exam.I am pretty sure the knowledge for that AP exam is more challenging then the basic algebra on the SAT, but I am better at free response then fast paced MC.

    My point for slightmanifesto was that if his school was really as challenging as he makes it out to be( resulting in his on the low side for GT GPA and high test scores) he would have easily made a 4 or 5 with a B in the class.If he has gotten a B in AP chemistry and a 5 on the AP exam, he could email his admission councilor to show how rigorous his school is.(Mrs. Estes is a very nice lady and very helpful)

    sorry, the SAT score thing really annoys me because I am just as smart as most Tech students that get accepted with 2000+, but prone to careless errors(I really am working on it).
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