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Ask your GRE questions here: How important? Are yours too low? When to take?


Replies to: Ask your GRE questions here: How important? Are yours too low? When to take?

  • 2109194421091944 Registered User Posts: 3 New Member
    For reading comprehension questions, it's very easy to get tricked because there always answers that you can argue for or justify. What helped me was trying to look at what the author was trying to convey or what exactly was the goal of the passage (this also helps in sentence completion questions).

    You can totally justify your answer choice of D (this question is particularly crappy). I will try to argue why C is better.

    Answer C is the better answer than D for two reasons: 1 because the first bold is NOT a challenge to a classic theory because the AUTHOR is not challenging the theory itself. The author is /stating/ a challenge the theory faced, he or she is not challenging it him or herself (semantics, I know). The passage is informative, not persuasive. This weakens the first part of answer D. The first part of Answer C "the first points to an inconsistency in a particular model" has an unbiased, neutral tone similar to that in the informative passage.

    2) the second bolded statement does not "resolve that challenge". That sentence that actually resolves the challenge is the previous sentence "Researchers have now..." The final sentence that is bolded is the conclusion which fits teh second part of answer C.

    When you are stuck between answers that you see as "technically" right, look for answers that fit, match, or are reminiscent of the tone of the passage or the perceived goal/motivation of the writer. I hope this helps!!

  • 2109194421091944 Registered User Posts: 3 New Member
    Okay, so kinda switching gears. Does anyone have any tips or recs for prepping for the Quantitative section? Any recs for online tools?(I'm thinking of going Magoosh). I got a 152 in Quant and would like to boost it at least 5 points. I think my main problems are pacing (I always run out of time) and not being able to see a problem in different ways. Like when I go to another problem and come back, I can't see problems in a new light or in different ways. And then I freak out. My main weak math areas are geometry and interpreting charts and graphs (they're all pretty weak though).

    Thank you in advance!
  • fcoresrefcoresre Registered User Posts: 9 New Member
    What are my chances? Should I retake GRE?

    Looking to apply to top M.S./M.Eng Programs in Electrical Engineering.
    -Georgia Tech

    Major - Electrical Engineering
    Undergrad GPA - 4.0
    GRE - 160V/169Q/3.5AW

    Published as second author in IEEE Conference Paper during undergrad

    I only took the GRE once, two weeks ago. I regret not practicing more analytical writing. I'm not looking forward to studying the GRE again, as I have applications/statements/LORs to put together as well as this semester's school work... Should I retake the GRE? How do I look?

    Thank you!

  • JKA3720JKA3720 Registered User Posts: 5 New Member
    edited September 2015
    I don't think you should retake it if you plan to pursue your Master's as a terminal degree. Your quantitative and verbal are good enough for the top engineering programs, not to mention your GPA (which I think is actually more important than GRE for engineering majors). But if you want to pursue a Ph.D. eventually, you will need to retake it because 3.5 AW puts you in the 38th percentile and there's no justifying that (since you spend 2 years of Ph.D writing your dissertation).

    Good luck!
  • FucunisaBFMFucunisaBFM Registered User Posts: 1 New Member
    Hi all,

    This is my first post and I really appreciate your advices! I took my first GRE today and got V156 and Q168, still waiting on the writing to come out. I am applying for the top PhD programs in pharmacology/neuroscience in the country. Please help me decide if the verbal score would be too low for those programs!

    My other stats: Top 20 college, UGPA 3.8, 2-3 publication in review, strong rec letter (i think).

    Thanks so much!
  • blueeeblueee Registered User Posts: 115 Junior Member
    I'm two points below the average for the one program I am applying to. I hope it's not a huge deal. It's 5 points below the program I am hoping to transfer into, but the annoying thing about the GRE is it's not like I wasn't able to do any of the questions, it's just difficult to figure them all out under the time constraints. /rant
  • science1science1 Registered User Posts: 5 New Member
    I have a 2.99 gpa and a 296 GRE score. I am looking to apply to biotechnology and biology based masters programs which are thesis based. What are my chances of getting in?
  • historyspacehistoryspace Registered User Posts: 1 New Member
    edited November 2015
    After using College Confidential all these years I finally decided to make a username, so first post but long time user !
    I'm applying for the University of California at Irvine's MA program in history.
    And here are my scores
    V154, Q139, AW4.5- The percentiles are pretty brutal. I recently took it, less than a month ago. I was set to move to a different state over the summer for a different grad program that did not require the test but I had a sudden change of plans, had to take care of stuff at home thus, I only had time to take the GRE once.
    But here are my undergrad stats/other qualifications
    BA History, University of Southern California, 3.57 GPA
    Research Assistant for a book and a professor.
    Editorial work on another book.
    Work in two historical archives: One as a content provider (interviews and document collection), the other as organizer of important collections.
    Created two websites: Both digital history resources and presented them at symposiums.
    Also if this helps, at UC Irvine I contacted 2 professors in the department who both expressed interest.
    Regarding my work in archives and websites I stated my interest as British history, specifically focusing on African diaspora and this work was not wholly related to my research interests but some of it was European and African-American history based.

    Sorry for all the rambling but I guess my main question is my verbal score too low for UCI's MA program? It's not a top tier program but I fear that it will be too low. If so will it deter my admission into the program? ex- Is there some kind of a cut off that someone knows about?

    Thank you for the advice and good luck to everyone.
  • whassssup123231whassssup123231 Registered User Posts: 9 New Member
    Disclaimer: I posted this in another discussion forum and copy-pasted it here. Not sure if its against the rules.

    I am senior at a US News top 30 school right now, and the majors that I'm considering in graduate school are Data Science/ Statistics/ Computer Science, which are all related.

    I will be applying to the CS programs in Chicago, Columbia, USC, UCSD, UCSB, UCD, UCI, and Statistics programs in Yale, Duke, Cornell, UCLA, JHU, and UFlorida.

    My stats are:

    Major: B.S. in Mathematics (Pure) + Specialization in Computing
    CGPA: 3.49, Major GPA: 3.55, Math requirement GPA: 3.71
    GRE (General): 163 (VR), 170 (QR), 5.0 (AW)
    Research Experience: 2010/06 - 2011/06, 2014/06-2014/09 at a research institute. The former was done as part of my high school requirement.
    Research Accomplishment: first author in two journal papers and a conference paper in Material Physics.
    Note: Research involved a fair bit of programming in C++.

    For ECs, I have
    1. Table Tennis: I'm a member of the Varsity team and we qualified for nationals last season. Been in it for my entire college career.
    2. A community service club: Been in it during my sophomore and junior year.
    3. A business related club. Joined in Sept 2015.

    Acads wise, I have taken 17 upper division Mathematics courses (we only need to take 12 to graduate), including a Stats/CS/Data Science related seminar that required us to do a final project. Other classes I took include Calculus, Linear Algebra (Honors), Real Analysis (Honors), Complex Analysis, Numerical Analysis, ODE, PDE, Probability, Hyperbolic Geometry, Differential Geometry, Topology, Optimization.
    I plan to take Abstract Algebra, Stochastic Process, a CS class on Algorithms, and Mathematical Statistics next quarter.

    More about me:
    I had a freshman GPA of ~3.2 because I knew most of the content being taught but weren't exactly well-versed in them and wasn't motivated to study... I know my GPA is pretty bad, considering that the people around me have ~3.7 overall... Also, I haven't done any Stats and CS courses yet and that hurts my chances of admission too. On the plus side, I have a Specialization in Computing (which hopefully makes up abit for my lack of relevant experience in CS), and will be taking CS/Stats classes in my remaining two quarters.

    Which of the programs do I really have a shot in? I personally am lacking confidence that I can get into any of them. Also, what are some other programs (in CS/ Stats/ Data Sci) that perhaps I should consider?
  • j6ma9lj6ma9l Registered User Posts: 181 Junior Member
    G.P.A. 3.59
    Major G.P.A. 3.87
    Psychology Major
    Corporate Dynamics Minor
    GRE V:164 Q:168 AW:6.0(99th) ETS GRE/GMAT Conversion Tool: 750 GMAT (98th) (V +Q)....V(680)+W(800)=1480=98th Percentile....translates to V:168 Q:168 Tri-factor GMAT Score: 780 (99+) (Calculated by converting GRE percentiles to SAT percentiles on V+W=1480=98th percentile which is tantamount to 168 Verbal Overall)
    SAT Superscore W:800(99.5%ile) CR:780(99th) M:760(98th)
    PSAT M:80(99th) CR:78(99th)
    ETS Field Major Psychology Test: 189 (98th) Cognition/Learning/Memory (99th/ Perfect Score) Social + Developmental (97th)
    National Merit Scholarship Competition Semi-Finalist
    Research Assistant on ACT Therapy Study for Course Credit
    Member of Psychology Research Club (Experimenter/Data Aggregator/Manual Grader)
    Upcoming Author of Two Manuscripts (Creativity and Musical Preference+WM and STOMP)
    Upcoming Presentation at RMPA
    Talented Poet: http://hellopoetry.com/poem/1514533/arrest-to-earths-untenanted-lease/ (worth a read)
    Progressive/Deep House/ Progressive Trance DJ
    Volunteer Merchandising Work Experience (350+ Hours)
    Probable Internship (YTBD)
    Excellent Essays
    Above Average Recommendations
    Noteworthy Public Speaking Experience

    Chance me at UCSB/NYU/UT-Austin/U-Miami/UW-Madison/CSU Fort Collins (Cognitive Psychology PhD.)

    Chance me at: USC Marshall, USF(California), USD(San Diego), U-Miami, Boston College, NYU, UNC-Chapel Hill, SDSU, SJSU, UC-Boulder, UC-Irvine (MBA Programs)

    Should I retake the GRE? On the Official ETS GRE Practice Tests
    Test #1 V:168 Q:169=790 GMAT(99+) W:?
    Test #2 V:166 Q:170=780 GMAT(99+) W:?

    Bankrolled throughout college (lacking work experience)
  • nanotechnologynanotechnology Registered User Posts: 2,524 Senior Member
    164 V, 168 Q, 6.0 AWA? I don't see a reason to retake. If you don't get in, it won't be because of your GRE score. (Also, no one is going to care about stuff like SAT, let alone PSAT.) Your research experience will be what makes or breaks an application.
  • j6ma9lj6ma9l Registered User Posts: 181 Junior Member
    @nanotechnology thanks for the advice! hopefully I do get in!
  • bluebayoubluebayou Registered User Posts: 24,337 Senior Member
    should you retake. Absolutely not.

    btw: no one cares about the SAT or other high school stuff once you have matriculated to undergrad. Grad schools certainly don't care.
  • j6ma9lj6ma9l Registered User Posts: 181 Junior Member
    @bluebayou @nanotechnology You might be right about them not caring, I wasn't trying to gloat....I just thought it was relevant (or at least my ego thought it was relevant LOL)
  • RenaissanceMomRenaissanceMom Registered User Posts: 1,041 Senior Member
    Regarding SAT scores: beyond college admissions, the only time I've seen them matter is when someone is applying to the most prestigious investment banks. They ask for your SAT scores in their applications and interviews, and most kids applying to these jobs include their scores on their resume. Ofc, they would need to be high like yours to satisfy HR at these particular banks, such as Goldman Sachs.
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