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Appeal Letter For academic dismisal

krnfobfolifekrnfobfolife 2 replies1 threads New Member
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I recently wrote, 3 letters for an appeals process to my old graduate school. I was dismissed due to academic reasons. It was my final probation, sort of like a 3rd time is strike deal. 1 letter was for my advisor, another for the director of the program and the final letter to the dean of the graduate school. I ddi not appeal at the time of the dismissal because I was so discouraged. But after a year away, I want to finish the program. I am currently taking classes in another field at a different University. I have a job also and managing to keep my grades up. I only need 7 more hours (about 3 classes) with All A's which is doable.

So here is the letter to the advisor. The other two letters are somewhat similar. First and foremost it is a apology letter, but at the same time it is asking for a final chance. Please tell me if it is good or thought. I know it is long but I want it to really be a letter showing I know what was wrong and I am trying to fix myself
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  • krnfobfolifekrnfobfolife 2 replies1 threads New Member
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    Dear XXXXXX,

    I am writing this letter to you in hope that you would see me in a different light and view from our last meeting and encounter and as an apology. Before I start, I want to apologize to you for my apathetic attitude, laziness, and just overall lack of work ethic. I am writing to ask for a final chance to help me in my appeal from my academic dismissal at the end of Spring 2013. I know that you have vouched for me on numerous occasions, and for that I am grateful. I understand I should have done this back when I was dismissed, but the letter I would have written would have lacked many things, particularly sincerity and substance, and would not be the letter I am writing now.

    At the end of the Spring 2013 semester, I left the program on a bad note to say the least. I was lazy, apathetic, uncaring and spoiled. You gave me a chance and opportunity when all my issues started to make something of myself. I utterly failed in that regard. I failed to take advantage of all the chances you gave me through my time in the graduate program. You vouched for me when I was academically suspended. By not being able to keep my end of the bargain I made you lose your credibility as a professor and former director of the program. You took me in as your graduate student, and I failed in that regard. You tried to help me in so many situations but I not once took advantage of everything you threw at me. We were supposed to meet one last time for our meeting, but I missed the appointment date for our meeting. Although I tried to catch you in your office a few time after. I made no real effort to get a hold of you. I could have emailed you, or left you a note, or set a appointment. But the truth is, I just did not feel like meeting. The reason I did not want to meet was because I was scared and afraid of what you would say to me. Looking back, deep down I think I knew personally that I did not deserve even a B. I wasted your materials, time and energy. Also, I performed terribly in your Cell Development course even though it was my second time taking it, I should have made an A. There is no excuse for my performance in your class. I was lazy and felt that since it was my second time taking the class I should just pass without having to study. With time I came to realize all of my past errors and mistakes. I blamed, my family, friends, professors, and everyone around me. The only person I did not put the blame on was myself. This was not fair to you especially because I used my family issues and put you in a possible uncomfortable spot. It is for this reason and everything else above that I am truly deeply sorry for.

    That being said, I cannot say I did not enjoy my time as a graduate student in your lab. Contrary to what my grades and performance may imply, time in your lab instilled me with a better understanding and processes and the potential of the field. I appreciate the fact I can hold intelligent conversations concerning the topic. Although it may not be as elaborate or as technical as I would like, I can see the general idea and apply the basic principles to current research now. However, all was not lost during my final days at B. University as a graduate student. I was spurred by the growth of knowledge, and I spent more time and effort on my studies; during my Summer and Fall 2012 semester my overall grade point average was 2.53, but I managed to increase my GPA during my Spring 2013 semester to a 3.20, which boosted my overall GPA to 2.79.

    After saying all of this, you may be wondering if I am ready or if I am deserving of this? Currently, I am a student at University of H. School of Business. I have been taking courses in Accountancy, to fulfill the pre-requisites for the Master of Science in Accountancy at University of H. I have completed Principles of Accounting I and II at H. Community College during Fall of 2013. During the Spring of 2014 I completed Intermediate Accounting I, Accounting Information Systems, and Individual Taxation. I am plan on finishing Intermediate Accounting II, Financial Statement Auditing and Corporate Taxation by December 2014. I also plan on taking my GMAT this August. I am striving to prepare myself for a field in Accounting, specifically for biotechnology or in health care. This is the main reason I want to finish my Master of Arts in Biology. I want to show that I am a well-rounded individual with the ability to combine two of the interests that I have pursued. I do not plan on lingering around mediocrity anymore. I want to be successful in whatever I do, but to do that I need the groundwork laid for myself so I can achieve what I want. This is the reason why I am asking to be reinstated for the Spring 2015 semester: to prove that I have the tenacity and responsibility to finish what I started.

    ..Cont on next reply
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  • krnfobfolifekrnfobfolife 2 replies1 threads New Member

    As an example of the practical application of my education, I started an Internet business called XXXXXXX (website link). I managed to have my first sale within the first 6 months of opening without purchasing any Google Ad space. On average, most sites do not make their first sale until after the first 6 months. I had to take out a loan from the Bank of America for $10,000. I structured the company as a DBA due to the small size but plan on making it a corporation the moment I hit the $10,000 in sales mark. I am not trying to brag about my business acumen, but rather, trying to portray that this was accomplished by my preparation and work ethics. I did the structure setup, site set up and integration, financial planning, and the product management. I managed the site even while I was taking classes at U of H. While I was at B. University B. University, I did not have a real set goal in life. Even after my dismissal I did not have a real goal until this past Spring while I was taking classes at U of H. My goal is to hold a position of some importance at F. Hoffman-La Roche Ltd. Lab, Monsanto or BP Energy by the age of 35. I am not the same lazy, apathetic, irresponsible and ignorant student I was a year ago. My work ethic has improved, and my schedule planner is actually full of notes and to do lists, rather than being something that merely takes up space.

    If I am allowed back into the B. University Graduate School, I plan on prioritizing my studies over everything else. This means I will cut out all of my vices and habits from January 5, 2015 to Graduation. I will transfer complete day-to-day operations over to the employees. My cousin has already agreed to manage the company in my absence. Doing this will allow me to focus more on my schoolwork and not have to worry about every little detail the business is going through. I also plan on having a much more structured schedule during my time at B. University. One thing I realized in the past year is, the earlier I wake up the more time I have in my day. As a result, I wake up at 6:30 AM every day and I plan on keeping this trend. Depending on my schedule for the semester, my day will consist of time in the class, gym, lab, and library. During class I plan on being much more engaged, therefore I will not be bringing my laptop to class, unless it is absolutely necessary. I realized that looking over lecture material before the actual lectures helps immensely, and I plan on keeping this trend too. My time in the lab will be spent more productively, whatever my topic will be. I do not know what my topic will be, but I do know that I will strive to know as much as I can before the exit interviews. The final thing my day will consist of is about two hours at the SLC. While working and taking classes, going to the gym is the only thing that helped me keep my focus and not stray from my path.

    I only need 7 more hours with all A’s to be able to graduate with a 3.019 GPA. To be eligible as a full-time student I will be willing to take the minimum 9 hours. I will do everything in my power and everything that is needed of me to properly finish the program. I understand that I have had multiple chances and that I wasted them, but this time, I know as a fact if I fail, then I will never get another chance. I know I should have written this letter several months ago, but if I did that, I would not have been able to provide evidence of my personal growth. Now I am better prepared and I know what is at stake. Therefore, I humbly ask for a final chance to finish out the Master of Arts degree. I will do everything in my power and everything that is needed of me to properly finish the program. Thank you in advance for taking the time to read my letter.

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  • BrownParentBrownParent 12597 replies179 threads Senior Member
    It is too late, but I don't think it is good to just post this kind of thing on the internet, it is searchable and all, but it seems too late to take it down.

    I am not familiar with writing this type of letter, I just help/coach undergrads write admissions essays and have commented on a couple grad admissions statements. But I think this is not a very effective letter. It would take to long to go over it all. You should get some help with it. In general it is too long and unfocused. Any good points you are trying to make are obscured by the excess verbiage and the major focus on the negatives and your personal failings which you keep repeating over and over to excess. Otherwise there seems to be a lot of stuff in there that shouldn't be.
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