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Chances of getting into any grad school?

PHY.PHY. 29 replies9 threads Junior Member
Hey thanks for your time! Heres my background:

College of William and Mary
GPA : 2.81
Major: Physics
Minor: Math

What I want to do:

I was looking to go to Virginia Tech for nuclear engineering due to the increase of employment/salary in the near future; Im considering nuclear engineering due to my financial background/struggles since I was a kid.

It doesn't have to be VT, Im considering any school really. What I really was passionate about was quantum computing, quantum gravity, space exploration and helping communities in need.

I guess I can apply my knowledge of nuclear engineering into helping communities in need of energy. Though I don't know what that job is called.

Anything helps thanks!
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Replies to: Chances of getting into any grad school?

  • PHY.PHY. 29 replies9 threads Junior Member
    My apologies, Im looking to pursue a masters in nuclear engineering.
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  • coolguy40coolguy40 2638 replies6 threads Senior Member
    I'm not familiar with Nuclear engineering, but it's possible to get into graduate school with a 2.8 if you can get a high enough score on your GRE. You won't be going to MIT, but an accredited masters degree is still worth its weight in gold.
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  • TomSrOfBostonTomSrOfBoston 15247 replies1033 threads Senior Member
    edited January 6
    Have ypu worked with a W&M faculty member on resaerch who could send a letter of recommendation? Without that the better grad programs are not likely.
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  • PHY.PHY. 29 replies9 threads Junior Member
    @TomSrOfBoston I worked with one of my professors on research based off of stochastic mechanics, different approach to quantum mechanics. He said "make sure you come back to me for a letter of recommendation." lol

    I do have others but its based off an organization Im helping to start at W&M called FGLI ( small pitch its First-Gen-Low-Income students at W&M; Im helping them succeed in their college careers and not make the mistakes I made.)
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  • juilletjuillet 12724 replies162 threads Super Moderator
    Admittedly, a 2.81 is rather low even for a master's program. It's not impossible, but usually the rest of your application needs to be glowing. Strong recommendation letters from professors, great GRE scores, and other indications of your academic ability besides GPA will help you out here.

    Is your physics GPA, by chance, any higher? What about your GPA in your last 60 credits/roughly last two years of college? Will it be higher?
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  • PHY.PHY. 29 replies9 threads Junior Member

    Well not such good news my physics gpa is a 3.01 at the moment. Ive been improving ever since I got slammed my first semester sophomore year by +0.4 roughly.

    The GRE is going to be a challenge but I have started studying (taking it this august).

    I don't know if this will help at all, since its not related to physics etc , but I think I can get a recommendation from my schools president. Also one of my physics professor loves me.

    A little bit more of a back story to my academic performance: I was diagnosed with epilepsy (getting frequent seizures) the summer before my sophomore year, and also my financial struggles were hard. Its one of the reasons I started an organization at W&M called First-Gen-Low-Income students (its why i have such a close relationship with my president she loves the idea) I don't want anymore students to be the position Im in due to their backgrounds.

    Though I feel like I shouldn't include my "Cinderella" story on my grad school application. Any thoughts? extra tips will be really helpful thank you.

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