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Ms computer science best programs?

jennigardensjennigardens 1 replies1 threads New Member
My son is applying to masters programs in CS. His stats are:
Verbal 167/98%
Quant 162/ 78%
Writing 4.0/ 57%

GPA 3.4
Work experience: 1.5 years as Software Engineer at a start up in Palo Alto (current)

He's most interested in AI, but wants a pretty open-ended program that will let him decide whether he wants a professional or research track when he gets there.

Given his stats and interests, which ms cs programs would be a match for him? It's pretty hard to find accepted student stats for different programs, so it's hard to decide on reach/ match/ safety schools.

Thanks in advance -

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Replies to: Ms computer science best programs?

  • simba9simba9 3280 replies20 threads Senior Member
    What's his undergraduate degree in? You don't necessarily apply the same considerations when applying to grad school as you do when applying to a school for undergrad. If he already has a CS degree, he should be looking at grad schools that have specific areas of study he's interested in, rather than simply trying to get into the highest ranked school based on grades grades and scores.
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  • jennigardensjennigardens 1 replies1 threads New Member
    He has a BA in Computer Science. He’s interested in AI, especially Language technologies.
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  • sciencenerdsciencenerd 1589 replies236 threads Senior Member
    Honestly most CS programs should offer classes/specializations in AI.

    I would have him speak to his professors to see which programs would be good to apply to.
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