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Scholarship taken away mid-semester (Did nothing wrong) - Can they do this and what are my options

ReconRenzzoReconRenzzo 0 replies1 threads New Member
Hello, my name is Hugo. I am little depressed for some help and advice. I am currently a grad student, and during the mid-semester, I just found out through my payment portal that I'm getting charged about $20 Grand and they removed my scholarship and loans. I am currently against the wall right now. I can't pay for that and it is happening during the middle of the semester! I don't know why! I am planning to go to my financial aid, but I want to know my options before I walk in before they blindside me. Is any chance for me to get my scholarship back? Plus, can a university do this legally? Take away a scholarship mid-semester? They probably can but I just want to be sure. Thank you!
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Replies to: Scholarship taken away mid-semester (Did nothing wrong) - Can they do this and what are my options

  • Mom2aphysicsgeekMom2aphysicsgeek 4664 replies56 threads Senior Member
    Did you drop any of your responsibilities for keeping the scholarship? Do you have teaching/grading/researching responsibilities that you are not fulfilling? Have you read over the contract you signed for your funding?
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  • cptofthehousecptofthehouse 30018 replies59 threads Senior Member
    None of us can help you until we find out why. You are about to do what has to be the first step in possibly resolving this situation. It could be as simple as a mistake.

    Or, the reasons could be complex. Yes, a college can remove a scholarship for a number of reasons.
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  • juilletjuillet 12737 replies162 threads Super Moderator
    Yeah, you have to go ask. It could be an error - things like that happen. You won't know until you go ask the office. You don't need to know any options yet, because you don't have enough information to know what potential options could be.
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