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Questions about getting into Harvard? Please help!

Jeremy12Jeremy12 0 replies10 threads New Member
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Hi, I'm currently a junior enrolled in a private online high school. I've always wanted to go to Harvard or at least some equally prestigious school. I have excellent grades and SAT/ACT scores (between Harvard's 25/75 percentiles) but haven't taken any AP or honors classes despite the fact my school offers tons of them (didn't really know much about them or why someone would take them until now)

Recently, I have been researching what it takes to get into Harvard, or any highly selective school for that matter. I had no idea that it took so much to get accepted. I thought that as long as you had a 4.0 and could get a 33 on the ACT that you had at least a reasonable shot. Now people are telling me that I don't have a chance at all. I've heard you have to take years of APs, win national awards, work hundreds of volunteer hours, and all sorts of things I haven't done. I'd never even heard of TASP or whatever it's called. My only EC is working part time for a pharmacy to help pay bills, etc and my school has some clubs but they're not very involving, considering they're online based. I don't play any sports either.

What is something I could do that would be good enough to get into HPYS? I'm extremely interested in science and politics if that helps with your suggestions. Is there anything or am I doomed?

I don't know if it matters but I know someone will probably mention this, I will be able to get letters of recommendation from teachers and will take AP classes next year, although that is the only year I can take them since its too late to do it this year. \

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Replies to: Questions about getting into Harvard? Please help!

  • bananafreak2ubananafreak2u 269 replies2 threads Junior Member
    It is not too late! I selfstudied APs and not that long before the ap exam. Just talk to local schools who offer them.
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  • T26E4T26E4 23243 replies1031 threads Senior Member
    The first measure will be if you're a rigorous academic or not. In the context of Harvard applicants, you're not. You've not pushed yourself in the context of your HS by taking and achieving in the hardest classes. Does this mean you're a bad person or will be a failure in college? Certainly not. But the fact is 95% of applicants to HYPS will not only have taken the most difficult classes available, but also have achieved at them supremely.

    You should make an appt w/your guidance counselor to fully explore which types of schools best match your wants/desires/strengths. Best of luck to you.
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  • WaverlyWaverly 2667 replies2 threads Senior Member
    Aim at Harvard for grad school, because unfortunately undergrad won't be possible. Taking the hardest classes available is not negotiable whether you understood you needed to or not.
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