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Is this worth it?

sunshine02sunshine02 250 replies151 threads Member
edited March 2012 in Harvard University
Is it worth sending an update if you've made AXA Achievement and AXA Community Achievement Finalist? These are scholarships that are big on service, but I don't know if it's something worth letting them know? I don't want to be annoying to the adcoms.
edited March 2012
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Replies to: Is this worth it?

  • iamivyobsessediamivyobsessed 26 replies26 threads Junior Member
    Don't send it if it will interfere with your financial aid...just a warning!!!
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  • hershey00hershey00 20 replies2 threads New Member
    If it's big, then obviously send it in :P
    Although it may impact your financial aid, there won't even be a financial aid if you don't get accepted :I
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  • cahsparentcahsparent 323 replies11 threads Member
    @iamivyobsessed External Scholarships ALWAYS affects financial Aid. I never did understand why it does though. So sunshine02 does all the work and then takes the trouble to apply and get the AXA Scholarship and then the School takes away that amount from sunshine02's Financial Aid package and gives it to another kid that didn't bother to do the extra work to qualify or bother to apply for scholarships. Never did understand the logic.

    @sunshine02 Congratulations on your achievement. Go ahead share the news with the admissions office
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  • mustangmanmustangman 123 replies3 threads Junior Member
    Were you only a finalist? If you were a finalist and then not named recipient of the award, it seems a bit dishonest to simply relay the fact that you were a finalist. Full disclosure is definitely preferred in all settings, probably an admissions office too. If you are the recipient, I think it is a significant recognition that you should identify the admissions office of.
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  • etondadetondad 1092 replies31 threads Senior Member
    ^ any dishonesty will void your admission-- even if you are long graduated from Harvard--really--they withdraw admission and therefore your diploma and act a la the old Soviet Union and wipe any record of your attendance from their files. This is no joke.

    However, if the honor is significant and you portray it for no more than it is-- let them know-- you don't know where you stand and you may be on the tipping point and this could be the thing that tips you into yes.

    The poster above who wrote that financial aid doesn't matter if you aren't admitted is spot on--Yes, it may have an impact, maybe even a dispositive impact on the size of your grant such that you might have to decline (although it should net out to be $ neutral if you get external aid), but if you aren't accepted that question is moot, isn't it?
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  • sunshine02sunshine02 250 replies151 threads Member
    Thanks for all the replies! Yes, I am just a Finalist and will only tell them that because the recipients have not been named yet so there will be no dishonesty.
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