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Is it true that there is a 40-50% acceptance rate for 2400ers?


Replies to: Is it true that there is a 40-50% acceptance rate for 2400ers?

  • toughyeartoughyear 313 replies18 threads Member
    Why people always think Chinese or Asian students get high SAT because they are only doing study?

    Did I mention my daughter did something else other than studying:
    1) 4 years volleyball school team and AAU club. (If you or your kids had same experience, you should know how much time it would need.)
    2) 3 years Secetery of Student Council,
    3) Piano companion and viola player in school band,
    4) Worked in a clinic every weekend (and some week day night) since high school till now.

    She participated some SAT training classes, but that after took the test, and she was the tutor not the learners!
    The highschool I follow with interest (because my kids went there), this year's graduating class had students in the top ten accepted to Harvard and Yale but they were whites. The class valedictorian was an Asian American (Chinese) but he was not accepted into any of the top ten schools (USN), not even top fifteen. Again, in this school the majority of the top ten students are Asian Americans and the val is invariably an AA. But these top ranking (who usually excels in extra curricular activities also) AA students have hard time getting in the top schools, for the past several years. Did your daughter decide which school to enroll at?
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  • hzhao2004hzhao2004 647 replies2 threads Member
    My S, an AA, is probably going to get 2400 on his SAT, but he really sucks at sports. Other ECs and awards are quite strong. His dream school is H. My fingers are crossed.
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  • required3required3 45 replies5 threads Junior Member
    I looked Candidates for the Presidential Scholars Program 2012 in in New Jersey. http://www2.ed.gov/programs/psp/2012/candidates.pdf.
    The qualification was SAT 1600 (R+M) or ACT 36. Out of 100 candidates, count yourself, there were 50 Chinese + Korean, I believe there were many Indian students too. You can image what's the ratio of AA in 2400ers. I guess most of them will be rejected by H, not because of high SAT scores. Diversity is an important factor for high education, which is also an elite college looking for.

    By the way, none of those AA candidates was selected as Presidential Scholars of New Jersey.
    To toughyear, my D enrolled in Williams College.
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  • uk2066uk2066 8 replies0 threads- New Member
    No. The acceptance rate for this group was 18.6%. This is in the information sent to alumni interviewers. Interestingly, this is the same percentage of candidates who were accepted with 3.6-3.8 GPAs. However, the acceptance rate from minority candidates with 3.5 GPAs was 49% (also from alumni interviewer statistics). If I read the statistics right, a minority candidate with a 3.5 GPA is roughly five times as likely to be admitted as a non-minority candidate with a 3.9 GPA. The reason is that Harvard is seeking diversity.
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  • toughyeartoughyear 313 replies18 threads Member
    my D enrolled in Williams College.
    Congratulations. Williams is a great college.

    The valedictorian student that I mentioned earlier is among the Semifinalists of the Presidential Scholars Program 2012 --- and this indicates he excels in other areas than academics.
    To be considered further, candidates must submit candidacy materials, including essays, self-assessments, secondary school reports, and transcripts. Candidates are evaluated on their academic achievement, personal characteristics, leadership and service activities, and an analysis of their essay.

    In late March, approximately 500 semifinalists are chosen by an independent, national committee of educators convened by the Commission on Presidential Scholars. Six to twenty semifinalists are identified for each state/jurisdiction by the review committee.
    Diversity is an important factor for high education
    Lets call a spade a spade. Selection and acceptance based on RACE and RACIAL DIVERSITY is an important factor in higher education Why should they use a disguise of 'Diversity' when what they are really doing is a racial discrimination practice? The US Department of the Interior describes 'Diversity' as
    The term "diversity" is used broadly to refer to many demographic variables, including, but not limited to, race, religion, color, gender, national origin, disability, sexual orientation, age, education, geographic origin, and skill characteristics. America's diversity has given this country its unique strength, resilience and richness.
    Harvard and other top colleges seem to be stressing only one aspect of this diversity, racial diversity, with a serious discrimination against one race in particular. Americans with Asian origin. This is racial discrimination that is still being practiced without being prosecuted by law. When will the Supreme Court hear the case against U.Texas about affirmative action in college admission? (AA should want more conservatives in the Supreme Court so that this affirmative action becomes declared unconstitutional).
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  • toughyeartoughyear 313 replies18 threads Member
    As this thread is much about the Asian American applicants and the disadvantages they endure in college admission, I thought this recent study by Pew Research Center on the Asian Americans is interesting. Lots of interesting data are there.
    The Rise of Asian Americans | Pew Social & Demographic Trends
    Asian Americans | Pew Social & Demographic Trends

    In the following video, at the 54 min mark, an audience member asks a question why the business and job creation by Asian Americans is not included in the Pew study. At 55:30 min mark, she mentions that the Asian Americans are the fastest growing community in the business formation by minority groups, accounts for 1/3 of all minority-owned businesses, over 50% of gross receipts and jobs (of minority-owned businesses) are by businesses owned by Asian Americans, etc.
    Video: The Rise of Asian Americans | Pew Social & Demographic Trends

    The economic contribution by this meager 5.5% population group is very large.
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  • katherine007katherine007 3 replies1 threads New Member
    from the data available on collegeboard, it appears to be true.
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  • entomomentomom 22547 replies1111 threads Senior Member
    Please use old threads for information only, do not post and revive them.
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