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Replies to: Chance Threads - PLEASE READ BEFORE POSTING ONE

  • gibbygibby 10534 replies246 threads Senior Member
    Harvard re-did their websites about 6 months ago, but a quick google search turned up this website which will supply you with the same data: http://www.hio.harvard.edu/statistics
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  • LexieALexieA 54 replies9 threads Junior Member
    edited October 2014
    Im an international student in my second last year of high school (same as junior year in the States). My academic track record has been great so far (A's but mostly A+'s) , however I have not been doing very many extra-curricular activities so far in high school. I am a member of the school choir and I have volunteered at a charity art exhibition and volunteer at charity fairs. I also volunteered at a special needs school for a week. I am thinking of either doing neuroscience or medicine. My questions are:
    1) Is it too late to start doing more extra-curriculars?
    2) If I do extra-curriculars starting from now, is it too late for me to realistically think about Harvard because even if I start now, will I not be considered competitive enough cause I haven't been doing many of them/doing them for a long time?
    3) Does Harvard prefer to see all-rounders (a person who does extra-curriculars in all kinds of fields like: art, music, drama even if their chosen field of study is not related to them?) or do they prefer applicants who have extra-curriculars that are more focused on their chosen field of study?
    4) Any tips on what kind of extra-curriculars I could do (thinking of applying for medicine/neuroscience)? Any tips on how many should be done ideally?
    5) Do I need to take SAT subject tests? Some say its not compulsory, is that true?
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  • gibbygibby 10534 replies246 threads Senior Member
    edited October 2014
    @LexieA: You must have missed my earlier post about "highjacking a thread." Please stop it! Start your own thread with your questions. Here, let me help you. Go to: http://talk.collegeconfidential.com/harvard-university. On the left hand side of the page is a BIG ORANGE BOX that says "New Discussion." Press that button and create your own thread!
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  • LexieALexieA 54 replies9 threads Junior Member
    @gibby- just did that, thanks
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  • medadvicemedadvice 29 replies21 threads Junior Member
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    Great post
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  • xxxMichaelxxxxxxMichaelxxx 10 replies6 threads Junior Member
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    Hey, I know this isn't really a great time of the year for chances, but I'm curious about my chances. Any responses are greatly appreciated. I'm not sure if this matters for Harvard, due to the late concentration declaration, but I want to do computer science in SEAS.

    1: 34 Comp

    35 English
    34 Math
    34 Reading
    33 Science

    2: 35 Comp

    35 English
    36 Math
    32 Reading
    36 Science

    9 for both essays

    GPA: 4.24 (right above average for my school's admittance)
    4.00 (Unweighted)

    Class Rank:
    probably about 5 out of 440 (not published)

    AP classes:
    Stats, Psych, Comp Sci, Chem, Calc BC, Bio
    5's on first 4, haven't seen scores for last two

    4 years varsity tennis
    2 years tennis captain
    2 years NHS
    2 years economics club
    2 years robotics team
    25 hours comm. service robotics day camp
    50 hours comm. service building a website for a religious organization
    Built a GPA calculator for students
    Developed a Website for comparing schedules between students

    Ethnicity and Gender:
    White Male
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  • gibbygibby 10534 replies246 threads Senior Member
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    ^^ @xxxMichaelxxx: What you just did is called HIJACKING A THREAD. It's rude and you should not do it. Instead, if you want to know your chances, or have another question, post a NEW thread of your own. But before you do, please read this from another recently posted "chance" thread.

    Here's what a seasoned professional will tell you: http://talk.collegeconfidential.com/massachusetts-institute-technology/939227-reminder-no-one-not-even-me-can-give-you-an-accurate-chance-at-mit-p1.html
    No one on this forum, not even me, can give you a meaningful chance at MIT [sic] or Harvard


    - Because the factors of admissions that can be readily apprehended in a forum post (GPA, SAT scores, etc) are in many ways the least important in our process.

    - Because listing the school you go to or ECAs you are involved in does not communicate the degree to which you are a vibrant member of the community, does not communicate what your coaches or teachers or mentors will say about you, and those are the things we care about.

    - Because it does not include any information about the interview, which is another critical insight into the candidacy of any prospective applicant.

    - Because a forums post cannot communicate the complexity of an applicant's life story, circumstances, and so forth; even if they were to replicate all the answers to their essay questions, we still have additional data external to the application that we consider in understanding an applicant's context.

    Bottom line: Your SAT and SAT Subject test scores are within Harvard's range, therefore you are a competitive applicant. Beyond that, no one can tell you with any specificity your chances.

    Most applicants who are rejected to HYPSM have the exact same scores scores as you -- just look at the decisions threads: http://talk.collegeconfidential.com/harvard-university/1627558-official-harvard-university-2018-rd-decisions-only-p1.html

    Therefore your essays, teacher recommendations, guidance counselor report (SSR) and interview report will be the determining factor. And we are not the ones reading those elements of your file. You, like every other applicant, just has to send their applications out into the universe and hope for the best.
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