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When a teacher makes a difference, Admissions notices.

gibbygibby 10528 replies246 postsRegistered User Senior Member
I was somewhat astonished that Harvard Admissions took the time to write the teacher a personal note: http://www.stuyspec.com/news/sandler-wins-new-york-state-history-teacher-of-the-year-award
Suri read a letter from the Dean of Admissions at Harvard to Sandler. “Already this year two of your students have written essays about the dramatic and beneficial effect you’ve had on their lives,” it said. “Quite literally, you are making the kind of difference most of us can only dream about.”

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  • LiaMD24LiaMD24 14 replies1 postsRegistered User New Member
  • HobbitTonHobbitTon 801 replies39 postsRegistered User Member
    That means they are reading our applications now... and taking notes!
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  • marvin100marvin100 8558 replies1246 postsRegistered User Senior Member
    Props to Harvard, but, more importantly, TONS of props to Sandler.
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  • MathematicalMathematical 82 replies22 postsRegistered User Junior Member
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    Let me elaborate more on my teacher. On the first day of class, he talked about the mayoral race. We didn't even know each other's names yet and he's talking about politics. Every day we would leave like 3 minutes after class ended because he would keep us in the class to finish the discussion and everyone would stay even if it meant being late for the next class. He gives pretty difficult tests though but his students (one of which is me) stick together and work together to prepare for tests because the class was so engaging everyone was motivated to do well.
    Mr. Sandler likes to say that meeting history scholars is the equivalent of us meeting Justin Bieber for him and thus has spent entire class periods showing us pictures of him with them. There was one period in which he showed us the awards ceremony for his winning the History Teacher of the Year thing, holding a giant check of thousands of dollars, and then eating barbeque with his best friend - THEN gets the class right back on track the next day and catches up. Amazing.

    This also isn't the only award he has received.

    Stuyspec (where the article is from) is our school's student-run newspaper by the way.
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  • honestmomhonestmom 421 replies7 postsRegistered User Member
    Wow! Glad I checked this thread. My D just wrote her Common App essay and it is all about her amazing AP Language and Composition teacher. She was on the fence about applying to Harvard, but maybe this will convince her to go for it. I would love to see her teacher get similar recognition, because she is amazing and really did make a difference in my D's life and academic trajectory.
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  • HannaHanna 14866 replies42 postsRegistered User Senior Member
    Just make sure that the essay is ultimately about the student, its author. They are not deciding whether to admit the AP Lang teacher.
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  • literaturewormliteratureworm 8 replies0 postsRegistered User New Member
    All for show
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