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Forgot to list activity on Common App

NinetyNeinProbsNinetyNeinProbs 20 replies1 threads New Member
Hi everybody,

I realized that I forgot to list Indoor Track (winter) and Outdoor Track (spring) under my activities. While these weren't my main EC's, I did spend a significant amount of time on these activities, and it'd be nice if Harvard knew that I was involved in a school sport (instead of just studying at home all the time). Here's some more info.

Indoor Track:
-3 years
-3+ months per year
-10+ hours per week (not counting track meets)

Outdoor Track:
-2 years
-3 months per year
-10+ hours per week (not counting track meets)

Should I email or call the admissions office about this? Is it significant enough of an error to notify them about? Or would it make me seem careless? I do admit, I might've been a little careless (but I can't help the fact that I have horrible memory, coupled with a horrible attention span).
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Replies to: Forgot to list activity on Common App

  • calliemoon11calliemoon11 336 replies5 threads Member
    edited November 2014
    I would say that it depends on your application. What does you think track reveals about your personality or merits? If you feel like it says something about you that isn't anywhere on your application, it might be worth to put on there. Also, it depends on what you value in your application and what impression you're trying to make. If you're going for balance or well-roundedness, it may be a good idea, but if you excel in a particular area and you're a "lopsided" candidate anyway, it may not make too much of a difference. Just some thoughts. :) Best of luck!
    edited November 2014
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  • NinetyNeinProbsNinetyNeinProbs 20 replies1 threads New Member
    I'm definitely a lopsided candidate. I don't have many EC's, but the ones that I do have are pretty in-depth, I feel.

    However, track was the only sport I did in high school (it sucked up a decent amount of time too), and if I leave if out I'll have no sports listed on my application. Even though I'm "lopsided", wouldn't having no sports hurt my chances?

    Right now, I'm just trying to figure out if emailing them about it will make me seem like a more engaged student (in athletics), or if it will make me seem careless (because I forgot to list it in the first place).
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