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Harvard Class of 2023 RD


Replies to: Harvard Class of 2023 RD

  • cbeanz19cbeanz19 13 replies0 threads New Member
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  • bbq5uebbq5ue 66 replies3 threads Junior Member
    Waitlisted it seems like a lot were this year? Or is it just cc
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  • NellieWhoahNellieWhoah 36 replies0 threads Junior Member
    How soon does financial aid get posted? Thanks.
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  • momsquared33momsquared33 62 replies0 threads Junior Member
    son waitlisted
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  • LondonVallLondonVall 238 replies1 threads Junior Member
    @thinkbig14 I honestly have no idea what they did, but a letter of continued interest is a typical next step. Also sending in only *significant* updates/achievements since you first submitted a few months ago might possibly help to move you up the waitlist. It's not common that people get off the waitlist, so definitely start thinking about other paths, but it's also not impossible, so dedicate the extra effort if you truly believe Harvard is where you should be. Good luck!
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  • zbrown01zbrown01 109 replies10 threads Junior Member
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  • lolasrejectstanflolasrejectstanf 9 replies0 threads New Member

    SAT I (breakdown): None
    ACT (breakdown): Composite 32 (superscore) , Eng 35, Math 35 Read 25 Sci 34
    SAT II: Bio M 760, Math1 780
    Unweighted GPA (out of 4.0): 3.85
    Weighted GPA: None
    Rank (percentile if rank is unavailable): 4/84
    AP (place score in parenthesis): Bio (4), Eng Lang (3), Phys 1(5), Chem (5), French (5), Env sci (5), Spanish Lang (5).
    IB (place score in parenthesis): none
    Senior Year Course Load: Linear Algebra, Chem 3, AP COMP SCI Principles, AP Phys 2, AP Calc BC, Latinamerican Studies (obligatory), English (obligatory), Spanish (obligatory).
    Major Awards (USAMO, Intel etc.): Honor Roll U. Waterloo Pascal contest and school champion for all (pascal, cayley and fermat). National finalist in UAN Math Olympiad (in colombia), AP Scholar with Distinction, AP International Diploma.


    Extracurriculars (place leadership in parenthesis): Teaching English to underprivileged youth (leader, curriculum developer, teacher, everything); TEDX talk "Nanobiomaterials: Forgotten Physics" (speaker and researcher); French and Chinese mandarin classes; Math club (leader and curriculum planner).
    Job/Work Experience: Internship at Univesity of texas rio grande (microbiology)
    Volunteer/Community service: Teaching English and volunteer club at school
    Summer Activities: The internship, Stanford SPCS on biosciences. YYGS Beijing in 9th Grade

    Recommendations (rating 1-10, details):

    Teacher Recs: 9/10
    Counselor Rec 8/10

    Additional rec 10/10


    Intended Major: Natural Sciences
    State (if domestic applicant):
    Country (if international applicant): Colombia
    School Type: Private
    Ethnicity: Latino
    Gender: Male
    Hooks (URM, first generation college, etc.): International, Latino


    Strengths: I thought my subjective stuff was great
    Weaknesses: Test scores and GPA
    Why you think you were accepted/waitlisted/rejected: IDK
    Where else were you accepted/waitlisted/rejected: Jacobs (accepted), Stanford (rejected), MIT(Rejected), Yale-NUS(Accepted), Rice(Accepted), Vanderbilt (rejected), U.Miami (waitlisted), Harvard (accepted), Yale (rejected), Princeton (rejected), Cornell (rejected), Brown (accepted), Columbia (Waitlisted), UPenn (Waitlisted), Dartmouth (Accepted), Duke (Waitlisted).
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  • International DadInternational Dad 344 replies10 threads Member
    Congrats, you applied to financial aid?
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  • Illuminate27Illuminate27 50 replies0 threads Junior Member
    1480 SAT
    3.84 UW/4.04 W
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  • dracollavenoredracollavenore 68 replies0 threads Junior Member

    1510 SAT
    3.7 G.P.A UW
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  • mcfamilyof4mcfamilyof4 75 replies3 threads Junior Member

    36 ACT
    1560 SAT
    4.0unweighted 4.7 weighted
    National merit finalist
    Varsity basketball captain
    President several clubs
    Student tutor
    PT job
    Tons on EC and service hours
    White male
    Took hardest classes available at my school
    Will likely be valedictorian
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  • fly4windfly4wind 24 replies3 threads Junior Member
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  • love2cheeseslove2cheeses 113 replies9 threads Junior Member
    Accepted, had a very late AO interview
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  • jordanhestonjordanheston 52 replies3 threads Junior Member

    32 ACT (35 E, 34 R, 32 S, 26 M, 12 Writing)
    4.0/4.0 uw, 4.7approx./5 weighted
    QB, AP Scholar with Honor, Presidential Scholar Candidate, NSDA Academic All-American, Speech and Debate and founder of independent philosophy journal + district-wide initiative on college admissions.

    Low-income, first-gen, QB

    Got AdCom interview at beginning of March.

    All I can say is wow, and thank you all for being of such great aid in this process.
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  • Futureivy2023Futureivy2023 3 replies0 threads New Member
    For those who got accepted, did you get an email from Harvard about your letter before viewing it or any email at all?
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  • jordanhestonjordanheston 52 replies3 threads Junior Member
    @Futureivy2023 Yes, it was just an email that said an update was made to the portal.
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  • popcorn454popcorn454 32 replies10 threads Junior Member
    @Futureivy2023 I got in, but got no communication from them at all
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  • Futureivy2023Futureivy2023 3 replies0 threads New Member
    @jordanHeston @popcorn454 Congrats!! Call me paranoid but I am too scared to view my decision and am coming up with theories instead.
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  • jordanhestonjordanheston 52 replies3 threads Junior Member
    @Futureivy2023 do it! you have nothing to lose. i was honestly the same way, I waited until after I half-ate my dinner and then heaved in nervousness to finally just open it. regardless of what is on that letter, the fact you applied shows a unique form of initiative many students could dream of having. opening it will reveal to you nothing more than what the Committee decided at this single point in time - not you, not your success, not your future.
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  • solidcashmoneysolidcashmoney 28 replies1 threads Junior Member
    Hi I am an international OOS student, got rejected from Berkeley, Harvard, and Princeton also :(
    SAT 1: 1480 (690 EBRW,790 math)
    SAT 2: 800 in both Physics and Math L2
    Gpa 4.0/4.0 and 4.92/5.00 unweighted
    a few extracurriculars I have been doing for 4 years or more. Applied for mechanical engineering at Berkeley.

    Feeling very sad, but still hoping to get into Stanford tomorrow!

    Also, I am thinking of submitting an appeal form to Berkeley. I am putting my latest mid-year grades and other awards I have won, should I also include anything else?
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