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Chance me EA?

margeumargeu 39 replies21 threads Junior Member
Hey everyone, I've posted a couple of times but I think this may be my last chance me on CC. I'll be applying early action to Harvard this fall. I'd appreciate any realistic estimates of how you'll think I'll do! And any last-minute changes I can make would be great.

Here's my info:

GPA (UW): 3.99/4.0
GPA (W): 4.75
ACT: 34, 10W
SAT Latin: 720
SAT Lit: 740
[question: should I be retaking these? I'm on the fence about possibly taking Math 2, US History, and Lit again in August. What're people's thoughts?]

Taken most difficult schedule possible, confirmed with my school counselor, definitely most rigorous in my grade of 66. All As or A+s except an A- in freshman lit first semester. (No class rank at my school)

AP Tests
Junior year:
5: Seminar, Lang, American History, English Lit
4: Bio, Latin
3: Calc AB (Took dual enrollment classes that were not AP and didn't have exactly overlapping curricula for Latin and Calc--will be mentioning that in additional notes)
Senior year: Calc BC, Physics C, both econ tests, 2D Studio Art, Research


Mock Trial (captain 2019-20)
school's team is historically really good, placing at nationals, Empire etc. This year was an off-year and we placed 2nd in the region). Co-captain of 2019 Empire team.

Model Assembly/Youth in Government (Chair/President 2018-19, 2019-20)
Organized Students Vote--mock gubernatorial election for 2018 election

Student Senate (member since its founding in 2017, Vice President 2018-19, President 2019-20)
also Student Board Representative through this

National Honor Society (since 2017, President 2019-20)

Volunteering on political campaigns--doorknocking and phonebanking for Dems 2018

Democratic Coordinated Campaign Fellowship--help with communicating to voters and organizing events. Junior year--2018 elections

Election Judge-2018 election.

Selective week-long page program at State House of Reps

Worker at Subway! Have been working around 30 hours a week all summer

Putting in 10 hours/week on Democratic candidate's campaign as an advanced caller

not going to go into specifics for privacy, but:
organizer with state-level youth climate strikes
organizer with a youth-led group introducing a state-level Green New Deal, gave a speech at a press conference, did a lot of work within the group
Ran press operations for a climate/science rally
Also working on creating a national "resource hub" organization for youth advocacy--taking off soon
ALSO working on developing a bill with my state representative
Also part 3: trying to organize another climate activism group with a focus on legislative action

Teacher recs:
Bio teacher and history teacher--great relationship w both

Varsity letter in Mock Trial 2016-17, 2017-18, 2018-19
State Bar Association Certificate of Merit for 2017 & 2019 Mock Trial
Outstanding Attorney Award at a local trial invitational 2017
Outstanding Witness Award at a local trial invitational 2018
Trial team placed got 3rd/28 teams at the Empire international mock trial competition 2017-18
Outstanding Spirit of Mock Trial 2017-18
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Book Award/Medal 2019
AP Scholar with Distinction, for what it's worth

4 Silver medals on National Latin Exam (took levels 2, 3, 4 Prose, and 6).
1 Gold--5 Prose

School/family background
White female, lower-middle class
My school is ranked #1 in the state by US News.

Does anyone have constructive criticism or advice on how to improve? I'm interested in concentrating in Social Studies. Thank you, and thanks for reading this! :)
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Replies to: Chance me EA?

  • nvb123nvb123 163 replies20 threads Junior Member
    You're definitely in the game. Your academics are in the range, activism work and mock trial look decent as well. You seem like the standard Harvard candidate I'd say, so it really is going to depend on how well you can present yourself in your essays and demonstrate your interests/accomplishments effectively. Good luck!
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