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rea chance me? should i rea stanford instead?

nahhhhhhnahhhhhh 4 replies2 postsRegistered User New Member
Hi! I'd love to attend Harvard, but many people are saying I "fit" Stanford's mold better.
Something about Stanford taking "outside the box" people etc.... Also, should I actually get 6 recommendations?

- ORM female
- Household of 5, slightly >65K (will be doing questbridge but probably won't rank)
- competitive STEM school, all dual-enrollment courses for 11th & 12th, school doesn't offer any APs

- 3.77 UW, might change depending on results of appeal
- 1550 (750RW, 800M and 760RW, 790M) will be retaking bc of low essay (17)
- 35 (35E, 35M, 35R, 36S) will be retaking bc I'm literally 1 question away from a 36
- 800 bio M, 800 math 2

Extracurriculars: (these r just my top faves, have a couple other "less important" ones)
- sister's caretaker (GC & I will be citing this to explain my 9th & 10th grades)
- major related research (isef qual, 1 pub, 1 more pub ongoing, presentations at 2 conferences)
- ICDC, DECA state champ
- nonprofit head
- community service group head
- major-related school club head

- english: not sure, should be good?
- major-related math course: 8-9/10?
- GC: 9-10/10, should be very strong
- supplement from research prof: 10/10
- supplement from other research prof: 10/10
- supplement from other GC: 9-10/10

Essays: 8/10? 9/10???
- will try my absolute best; I'm not a horrible writer
- will be getting input from experienced ppl
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Replies to: rea chance me? should i rea stanford instead?

  • momofsenior1momofsenior1 6619 replies39 postsRegistered User Senior Member
    Apply to the school you would most want to go to. Both are big reaches for all applicants.

    Do not waste your time retaking the ACT. There is not going to be a difference in admission between a 35 and a 36.

    Only submit the number of recommendations requested. Do NOT give the adcoms more to sift through. It will dilute your application

    I would have your GC discuss your family situation with caregiving/grades. You focus on showing yourself in the best light possible, not drawing attention to struggles.

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