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Chance me Harvard 2024 REA and UMICH EA

chakdeindia101chakdeindia101 1 replies1 threads New Member
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Hey guys!
I would appreciate your thoughts on my chances for Harvard Class of 2024 REA and UMICH EA admissions. How do you think my stats and EC will stack up?

Demographics: Asian Female, attends public school in Michigan

GPA: 4.000 weighted (but my school does it out of 4 only so As in AP classes dont count for extra), 3.999 unweighted

ACT: 35 Composite (34 Math LOL, 35 English, 35 Science, 36 Reading, 10 on writing)
SAT Math Level II: 800
SAT United States History: 720 LOL
AP classes taken: U.S. History, Micro, Macro, Gov, Comp Sci A, English Lang, Calc BC, Physics C: Mechanics, English Lit, Statistics, Spanish Language, Physics C: E&M
AP Scores: 5s on U.S. History, Micro, Macro, English Lang, Calc BC, Physics C: Mechanics
(didn't take gov or CSA exams, the rest of the APs I am taking this year)
Currently taking Calc 3 at a local community college

1. Chief Operating Officer of a well-established 501(c)(3) nonprofit in my community. We create unique curriculum every year and run a camp for local middle school students. All curriculum is created from scratch and I help run the organization and camp.
2. Internship with professor and his graduate student team at University of Michigan -- involved a project in social research and economics, health and educational interventions in Mozambique. I did statistical analysis, managed a part of the project, etc.
3. Historian of my school's chapter of Business Professionals of America
4. Internship with professor at U of M -- helped with summarizing and proofreading economic research papers
5. Director of my school's multicultural show
6. Volunteer at Humane Society
7. NHS Member
8. Writer for spanish magazine (school project)
9. Intern for Indian company, did labor research
10. I tutor math

Additional: my sister went to Harvard

Awards: 1st place national website design team (Business Professionals of America), finalist for some entrepreneurship competitions

Essays: probably 8/10 for common app -- involves a pretty unique situation and how i learned from it, probably 7/10 for supplements

Letters of rec: 8/10 -- probably pretty strong rec from my Calc BC teacher, also decently strong from AP Lang teacher, submitted a supplemental rec from UMich Mozambique professor guy
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Replies to: Chance me Harvard 2024 REA and UMICH EA

  • chakdeindia101chakdeindia101 1 replies1 threads New Member
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    forgot to include ---- Intended major: CS, it relates well to a couple of my harvard essays where i elaborate more on my goals and activities, i have coding experience from learning HTML, CSS, Python, Java, and Javascript. Coding relates to my award in BPA (see below) and a personal project I did.
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  • KnowsstuffKnowsstuff 4465 replies18 threads Senior Member
    Very accomplished! Seems like Michigan is a go but not guaranteed. They will assume you want to go elsewhere. You need to make sure they know you want to be there. Hopefully your essays address that.
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