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Chance Me? HARVARD REA 2024

lawgirl02lawgirl02 0 replies1 threads New Member
Hey guys! I just applied to Harvard REA and I just wanted to see what you guys thought about my chances. I know that whatever happens, happens but I just wanted to get some feedback so I could have something to think about in the wait between now and mid-December lol. Good luck to everyone else who applied REA and everyone who is going to apply RD! : )

Basic Stats:
Gender: Female
Ethnicity: Hispanic
School: Mid-sized public high school in Orlando, Florida
Intended Major: English w/ possible Pre-Law advising, Law School
Career Goal: Criminal Attorney

Class Rank:
2/658 (99th percentile), Valedictorian

Grade Point Average:
Unweighted: 4.0
Weighted: 5.315

SAT Scores:
Highest Composite: 1470 (Verbal 780 and Math 690)
Superscore: 1490 (Verbal 800 and Math 690)
“Commended Student” in the National Merit Scholarship Program

SAT Subject Tests:
750 Literature
650 US History

AP Courses: (If completed, final grade indicated)
-AP Human Geography (A)
-AP English Language and Composition (A)
-AP Biology (A)
-AP World History (A)
-AP Chemistry (A)
-AP Environmental Science (A)
-AP Literature (A)
-AP United States History (A)
-AP Computer Science Principles (A)
-AP Calculus AB (A)
-AP Computer Science A (Currently Enrolled)
-AP Macroeconomics (Currently Enrolled)
-AP Microeconomics (Currently Enrolled)
-AP Physics C Mechanics (Currently Enrolled)
-AP Psychology (Currently Enrolled)
-AP Comparative Government and Politics (Currently Enrolled)
-AP United States Government and Politics (Currently Enrolled)
-AP Statistics (Currently Enrolled)
Awarded AP Scholar with Distinction, 18 APs Total

Dual Enrollment Courses Taken:
Little note- I only took these in addition to a full schedule at my high school or over the summer! I never replaced any classes through Dual Enrollment, and used it mainly to dive deeper into my passion for Criminal Law
-College Algebra (A)
-New Student Experience (A)
-Elementary Spanish (A)
-Fundamentals of Speech (A)
-Civil Litigation 1 (A)
-Criminal Evidence and Procedure (A)
-Criminal Investigation (A)
-Criminal Law (A)
-Criminology (A)
-Contemporary Literature (Currently Enrolled)
-Juvenile Justice Systems (Currently Enrolled)
-American Literature (Next Semester)
-World Literature (Next Semester)
-Intro to Criminal Justice (Next Semester)

Leadership/Extracurricular Involvement:

Varsity Dance Team (4 Years)
Senior Year: Head Captain
Practice: 3 days a week + weekend choreography/rehearsals
Nationally Ranked Competitive Varsity Dance Team
4 Year Secretary
4 Year Social Media Leader

Studio Dance
14 years of studio dance
4 years of Competitive Studio dance, part of National Championship winning team

Spanish Honor Society (3 years)
Senior Year: President
Junior Year: Vice President

Rho Kappa (2 years)
Senior Year: President

Law Honor Society (1 year)
Senior Year: President

National Honor Society (2 years)
Senior Year: Secretary

Science National Honor Society (2 years)
Senior Year: Secretary

Mu Alpha Theta (2 years)
Senior Year: Historian

PC (2 years)
(Group selected by administration + peers, founding member, facilitates discussions and acts as an intermediary between the student body and administration)
Secretary (one of three officer positions)

Moot Court (2 years)
Junior Year: Co-Captain
Senior Year: Co-Captain

Law Related Activities/Accolades: (Some reiterated):
This is kind of like my spike:)

All Magnet/Law/Criminal Justice Courses Taken:
-Debate 3 Honors
-Fundamentals of Speech
-Comprehensive Law
-Courtroom Procedures
-AP Comparative Government and Politics
-AP US Government and Politics
-Civil Litigation 1 (Dual Enrollment)
-Criminal Evidence and Procedure (Dual Enrollment)
-Criminal Investigation (Dual Enrollment)
-Criminal Law (Dual Enrollment)
-Criminology (Dual Enrollment)
-Juvenile Justice Systems (Dual Enrollment)
-Intro to Criminal Justice (Dual Enrollment)

Summer Legal Internships (both my Junior and Senior years)
Junior Year (45+ hours)
-Shadowed attorneys, sat in on family and criminal trials, attended mediation, attended depositions, assisted with research

Senior Year (45+ hours)
-Assisted attorneys, did intake consultations, calendared appointments, communicated with clients, drafted necessary documents, assisted with research, mailed necessary items, etc.
-Offered paid position

Moot Court (Co-Captain, 2 years)
-Junior Year: Drafted an appellate brief, argued in front of the 5th District Court of Appeals of Florida at regionals (and placed as one of the top two teams), qualified for States at 1st District Court of Appeals (Moot Court States)
-Partnership was awarded one of the Top 10 Moot Court Teams in the State of Florida at States
-I was awarded Special “Outstanding Attorney” Award by the 1st DCA for my arguments/presentation

Law Honor Society (President)
-Elected president, overseeing meetings and working with sponsor to facilitate community service/other law related activities

Law Related Community Service
-Volunteer work as a juror and attorney at Teen Court (4 years)

Work Experience/Other Volunteering
Planet Smoothie (Lol)
-Worked there my junior and senior years
Random other community service within my community (200+ hours)

Common App
-I feel this essay ended up being super polished and strong I hope ahh. Connected my passion for ballet and for law. I had a lot of people look at it and help me with it so I feel like I turned it in the best it could possibly be:)
Harvard Supplement
-This one was a little more lighthearted! I chose the Roommate Essay, and tried to show my personality! This one isn’t as polished but I also had a lot of people look at it and they liked the vibe so I went with it:)

Not going to go too in depth with describing all of them, but I chose teachers/coaches I have really strong relationships with:) The ones I got the chance to read were super positive though.

AHHH okay there it is. Thank you for taking the time to go through this:)
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Replies to: Chance Me? HARVARD REA 2024

  • jzducoljzducol 747 replies12 threads Member
    To better gauge your chance go to your local Harvard Club website and get some info on last years admits from your area. If Harvard historically admitted 10 kids in your area among whom three are of similar profile to yours then you can look around and see if you are the top three in your cohort.
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  • coolguy40coolguy40 2348 replies3 threads Senior Member
    The SAT score is below average for Harvard. It doesn't mean it's an automatic reject, but it doesn't help your chances at either. Your GPA is about the same as any other student. The worst thing they can do is say no. No guts, no glory :)
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  • tdy123tdy123 820 replies15 threads Member
    What were your AP test scores, and did you submit? With so many AP classes, they will expect to see some scores.

    Consistently high APs might offset the SATII 650 in USH - which is low for an H applicant with an expressed interest in law.
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