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Prognosis for My REA

brobdingnagian17brobdingnagian17 71 replies18 threads Junior Member
edited November 18 in Harvard University
Gender - Male
Ethnicity - African American

Intended Major - Applied Mathematics (but also pre-med teehee :))

GPA - 3.923 UW, 4.546 W
ACT- 35 Composite (36 M, 36 E, 35 S, 34 R, 10W)
SAT Subject Tests - 800 Math 2, 800 Chemistry
Class Rank - N/A

Classes (11 AP classes, 4 Dual-Credit classes, 13 Honors classes, 5 PLTW classes):

8th - French 1, Algebra 1

9th - Honors Geometry, Honors Algebra 2, French 2, Honors Band, World Studies, Honors Physical Science, Introduction to Engineering Design, Honors English 9

Summer between 9/10th - Dual-Credit Precalculus A/B, Health

10th - AP Calculus BC (5 for BC and AB), AP US History (5), AP Biology (4), AP Statistics (4), Honors Biochemistry of Health, Honors Band, Honors French 3, Honors English 10

11th - Calculus 3, Differential Equations, AP Chemistry (5), AP English Language and Composition (5), AP US Government and Politics (3), Honors Human Anatomy and Physiology, Band, Honors French 4

12th - Linear Algebra, Discrete Mathematics, AP Psychology, AP French, AP Physics 1, AP English Literature and Composition, Honors Genetics of Disease, Honors Biomedical Innovations

1) National Finalist for U.S. National Chemistry Olympiad
2) Top 20 Individual in the Midwest of 1st Round of AMATYC (Math) Competition
3) Seal of Biliteracy in French Certified by the ACTFL AAPPL Exam
4) AP Scholar with Distinction
5) County Teen of the Month - in contention for Teen of the Year (approximate 19,330 student pool of from 23 high schools)

1) Founder/President, Math Club (both at a high school and a college): started sophomore year; organize lectures, debates, tutoring; sponsor community events
2) Programmer, FRC: self-studied Java/C++/Python; mentor rookies/FLL teams; won FRC "Innovation in Control Award" for contributions; using Linear Algebra to further enhance vision systems
3) Intern, Histological Study at a Med School: analyses will be published in a histology atlas for med students in a couple of summers
4) Co-President, Leadership/Interact Club: hundreds and hundreds of hours of service; build connections with community organizations
5) Founder/President, "*School Name* Handshake" Initiative: welcomes out-of-district newcomer students; student-made handbook/letters, city scavenger hunt, reports on town notables, local business gifts, spirit wear, etc.
6) Founder/President, "Spark the Park" Initiative: park restoration; constructed mini-libraries/bat boxes rallied local clean-up, planted flowers
7) Grade 8 U.S. Soccer Federation and Futsal Referee
8) President, French Club
9) French Hornist, Instruments of Christ: hardcore hornography ;)....basically performing at my church
10) Team Officer, Competition Marching Band

- Calc 3, Diff Eq, Lin Alg, Dis Math Teacher (10/10): lead Math Club meetings and community events with him, significantly raise college math competition scores for him, father-son relationship, gave me EVERY highest remark

- AP English Lang Teacher (9/10): quoted me as her “personal dictionary," wrote for her in literary magazine, advisor for my school-welcoming initiative, volunteered in track meets with her, called me a passionate writer and person

- French 2, 3, 4, AP Teacher (8/10): top student in her career, French club officer for 2 years and now president, tutored her lower-level French students, sold crepes with her to donate toward Haiti, not sure about her comments

Essay (10/10): Talked about my name meaning “treasure” and how treasures require turmoil, journey, and discovery; related to my arduous genocide-filled background, my Catholic values, and how my ongoing quest will play out at Harvard

Activity Essay (10/10): On building the math club to what it is now; hopefully humorous; writing quality is consistent to Common App essay

* NO SUPPLEMENTARY ESSAY * .... felt that I would just be adding futile information or would be redundant with my rec letters
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Replies to: Prognosis for My REA

  • Mwfan1921Mwfan1921 2577 replies36 threads Senior Member
    edited November 18
    Congratulations on your achievements. I can't chance you but with your credentials and being a URM, your chances are likely higher than that of many other applicants.

    With that said, and for others who might read this thread in the future, I sure wish you would have a submitted a supplementary essay. Harvard's is so open-ended I am certain you could have thought of something additive to write about....how much of a disadvantage not submitting that will be we just don't know.

    Good luck with Harvard and the rest of the schools on your list.

    edited November 18
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  • brobdingnagian17brobdingnagian17 71 replies18 threads Junior Member
    edited November 18
    @Mwfan1921 I wish I came up with something to submit for my supplement, yes. I'm not torn over it, however, since Harvard claims that it's necessary only "if you feel that the college application forms do not provide sufficient opportunity to convey important information...."

    I guess it was a risk in not doing it, but I preferred that option to writing a subpar essay in comparison to my more introspective ones, which would've been a risk on its own. But, as you've said, who knows? Que sera, sera!
    edited November 18
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  • compmomcompmom 10931 replies78 threads Senior Member
    Just want to point out that mentorship that resembles a "father-son" relationship is not readily available to females. As you move forward in college and career, try to keep gender parity in mind. I am not being politically correct. This is lived experience.
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  • brobdingnagian17brobdingnagian17 71 replies18 threads Junior Member
    @compmom Sorry if I wasn't being politically correct. He didn't put that in the recommendation; it was just my description.

    Although, I do know some females in the past that have had a sort of "father-daughter" relationship with their teacher. Is that sort of bond not recognized?
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  • blondeboynjblondeboynj 22 replies4 threads Junior Member
    Your application is top notch, you have a diverse background and you fostered real relationships with your rec letters. I think you should be able to get in honestly.
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  • brobdingnagian17brobdingnagian17 71 replies18 threads Junior Member
    Accepted :)
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  • blondeboynjblondeboynj 22 replies4 threads Junior Member
    bro teach us your ways. want to read my essays for me?
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  • brobdingnagian17brobdingnagian17 71 replies18 threads Junior Member
    @blondeboynj Sure, PM me!
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  • jazzingjazzing 24 replies2 threads Junior Member
    Congratulations! So happy for you.
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  • KMed9102KMed9102 12 replies2 threads New Member
    Congrats Man :)
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  • nokia2002nokia2002 2 replies0 threads New Member
    Has anyone from India gotten into Harvard early this year?
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