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Harvard Interview

cadiboycadiboy 3 replies11 threads New Member
I had my Harvard Interview with a very interesting person who studied in multiple fields like politics, computer science, and MBA. As per the questions about what the interviewer asked me about was a very basic interview question, "Tell me about yourself." Here you just have to talk about you life and all the things you have done so far. But try to reserve some things for the other questions they will ask like, "If I were to ask your friends, what would be the three things they would say about you?" This an interesting question since you would have to think about what your friends consider you not only in terms of academics but also in extracurriculars and talents. Another question I was asked about, "Why do you want to go to Harvard?", which is another very basic question that almost all the colleges ask you. So just go ahead and talk about what you really like about the college and the opportunities you find there. And one final question is will be about "What do you want to pursue in your future?", which basically about the major you want to choose. If you don't have one in mind I suggest you just talk about what you feel like studying or your area of interest. Apart from that, the interviewer will ask you if you have anything else you wanted to say or talk about if you didn't get the opportunity to touch that point. I personally think that this is the best question anyone can ask you since you can talk about what you think is the most important part of your life and emphasize it. So go ahead and freely talk about what you think is important.
One final suggestion, don't be nervous. Think like you are talking to a therapist who is there to listen to your troubles and life stories.
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