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Chance me please

AbelAbdullAbelAbdull 2 replies3 threads New Member
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Universities I am wanting to apply to: Duke, University of Montana, University of Alaska at Anchorage, University of Alabama, and UNC. My SAT is 1550 with a 20 on the essay. I am also taking IB and currently have a predicted 45. My EC are plentiful, so I am worrying more about my stats, as I am an international student.
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Replies to: Chance me please

  • aunt beaaunt bea 10015 replies66 threads Senior Member
    The schools are so so so so very different. Where did you get this list from?
    Alaska and Montana are isolated, cold and far, but very different in everything else. Alabama is in Alabama, different weather, different “culture”, different size.

    You can’t be so desperate to get into a US university that it doesn’t matter anything about the university: where it is, how far it is from town/airport/people, and what kind of living environment is there.
    US universities are all very different for a reason. And a lot of it has to do with the local environment. Looking on a map to see where they are doesn’t change the fact that they are all really, vastly different.
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  • izrk02izrk02 411 replies16 threads Member
    This list is... odd. But I'll try.

    Duke and UNC are both reaches for anybody (UNC for OOS), but you're at the top of the pack for those. If you were in-state UNC would be a slight safety. Duke is one of those schools where it's almost random, anybody can get denied and it won't make sense.
    Alabama is a safety based off stats alone. Only 3.8% of their students are international though, and it's public which will hurt your chances.
    University of Montana is a safety, period. It has a 92% acceptance rate. The only way you wouldn't get in is if you tried to make your application bad.
    University of Alaska is a safety. Similar to Montana, a super high acceptance rate.
    Essentially all US schools are going to be reaches since you're international, so you never know what'll happen, but you have a better chance at some than at others.
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  • aquaptaquapt 2249 replies45 threads Senior Member
    edited January 4
    The U of Alaska system is having terrible, terrible funding problems right now. I would not pay non-resident tuition for a school where cutbacks could have a big impact on your plans. https://www.theatlantic.com/education/archive/2019/08/alaskas-higher-education-system-still-trouble/596191/

    This is indeed an odd list. I can't infer what attributes you're looking for. What's your budget? What are you hoping to study? What qualities are you looking for in a school?

    Edit to add: I see that several of us responded to your November thread and asked the budget question among others, but you did not respond. It's often better to interact with the people who are trying to help you, rather than to start a fresh thread that's even less informative than the previous one.
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  • NuancedNimbusNuancedNimbus 12 replies4 threads Junior Member
    For your ECs, it doesn't matter that they are plentiful, but that they are quality. Did you show leadership in them? Propose a radical new idea that changed the way the entire organization viewed something? Captain of a sports team?
    Those are the things that matter (and how you write about them).
    Grades wise, however, you seem to be one of the top. If I am ranking your GPA on par with your other scores, you shouldn't have to worry about academics too much!
    Cheers and good luck!
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