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Will 2 C's First Semester Get Me Rescinded?

theletobetheletobe 6 replies2 threads New Member
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So, I was admitted early and am over the moon. Honestly, I can't describe how grateful I am. However, due to several unforeseen circumstances on top of burnt-out, I think I'll be ending up with 2 C's for the first semester, both in AP classes, but online. Everything else is an A. They'll see this when mid-year reports are sent. I've never had a C before and will be doing all I can to bring those to at least a B by the end of the year. Will I be rescinded for this? Should I send them an e-mail right now? Or call? Or should I just wait to hear from them first. Please advise, I'm really freaking out. I'm not from a very affluent family and am the first in my town in almost a decade to receive such an opportunity, so I'm incredibly worried.
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Replies to: Will 2 C's First Semester Get Me Rescinded?

  • Muko1212Muko1212 19 replies2 threads Junior Member
    I highly doubt 2 Cs would get u rescinded unless u got an F
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  • oldfortoldfort 23087 replies293 threads Senior Member
    ^^^That's not true. Having Cs will get some reactions from those schools. I would work with your GC to contact Harvard to let them know about the "unforeseen circumstances." More importantly, let them know what you plan to do to bring up those grades. The good thing is you do have another semester to bring up your grades.
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  • KnowsstuffKnowsstuff 5044 replies22 threads Senior Member
    edited January 15
    Agree with @oldfort. Own it.

    But just about every school expects you to be getting ready for college. I always wonder why great students stop preparing for college. You will have the summer to enjoy. Get with some teachers today after school or during and come up with a plan.

    I understand what your going through but I can't stop trying at my job just because I feel burnt out..... That's what vacations are for 😉.
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  • lookingforwardlookingforward 35106 replies398 threads Senior Member
    Agree, the first thing is to speak with your GC. You need a solid, mature idea of how to frame this problem, so it doesn't bite you. It matters what classes, how they relate to your major or not. Not just that they're AP, but what.

    Can your GC offer the right support, is he/she familiar enough with this sort of triage?
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  • compmomcompmom 11031 replies78 threads Senior Member
    I have no idea if colleges show concern about this. My response is not geared specifically to that concern.

    Is there a reason both classes you got C's in are online?

    We have no idea what the "unforeseen circumstances" are.

    The main thing is that students should not work hard only to get into college. You will have to work hard once there. Motivation for hard work really shouldn't lag too much simply because you got in.

    If you are truly burnt out, try decreasing your work load, and consider a gap year.

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