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No interview yet????

AmeraldAmerald 1 replies4 threads New Member
I'm a senior from NE who recently applied for RD admission to Harvard. However, I have not received notification about an interview yet. I know that there is at least one interviewer in my area as one of my friends recently received a Harvard interview. Did I miss something in the application process? Should I be worried about my admissions chances?
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  • jazzingjazzing 68 replies3 threads Junior Member
    I assume that NE means Nebraska (rather than New England or Northeast). I suspect that Nebraska has few interviewers outside of Omaha and Lincoln. There may be an interviewer in your area, but you don't know the ratio of applicants to interviewers. If there are 20 applicants and just one interviewer, they won't be able to meet with everyone. I wouldn't read anything into it. In some places, interviews are still being offered, but most places are almost at the end of the interviewing cycle.

    The process is highly decentralized and local factors play a big role. In your case, only the local committee chair in Nebraska knows for certain. The admissions officer might have a slight idea of what's going on, and on occasion might request an interview for the strongest students. But the rest of us can only speculate.

    Remember that Ivy League schools are reaches for everyone. Try not to get too stressed, and enjoy the rest of senior year.
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