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Harvard or Tufts?

anonymous722anonymous722 0 replies1 threads New Member
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I'm a rising hs senior and Harvard and Tufts are my two top choices but I just can't decide between the two. I am a double legacy at Harvard so both of my parents are really pressuring me into having it be my first choice, but I'm not sure if that's what I really want. Both of my parents are extremely unhappy and I just kind of want to go on my own path. However, I feel like if I choose Tufts as my first choice I will be wasting the opportunity of going to Harvard because I have an increased chance of getting in because of my legacy and my parents would also probably be disappointed. Any advice?
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Replies to: Harvard or Tufts?

  • PublisherPublisher 11376 replies152 threads Senior Member
    Why are your parents extremely unhappy ? Does their extreme unhappiness have anything to do with Harvard ?

    Why are Tufts & Harvard your top two choices ?
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  • happy1happy1 23994 replies2407 threads Super Moderator
    Why don't you apply to both, see where you get in, and then decide?
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  • TiggerDadTiggerDad 2111 replies74 threads Senior Member
    First thing first. You'd need not only to apply to your "top two choices," Harvard and Tufts, but several more schools consisting of reach, match and safeties. Then, worry about which school you'd like to attend after the results. I don't understand why your parents are "extremely unhappy" when you've merely placed the cart before the horse.
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  • gumbogalgumbogal 47 replies3 threads Junior Member
    Four points: 1) you are attending, not your parents, decide your first choice for yourself; 2) as noted above, make sure you have a good well-balanced list; 3) don't overestimate the legacy bump; 4) if you do feel like you have the application that might warrant a Harvard admission and you are gaming out your SCEA/ED strategy, keep in mind that Tufts has an ED II. If you (deciding for yourself) want to SCEA to Harvard, the dates may work out such that you can SCEA to Harvard and then ED II to Tufts if you don't make it. Just make sure you have a good regular decision list and recognize that you will have used your early shots on schools to which you are unlikely to be admitted just looking at the rates of admission.
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  • theconcernedkidtheconcernedkid 30 replies13 threads Junior Member
    If you're parents are disappointed, that's on them, not you! Make sure that you make the choice for yourself which one you like better (if you even get in to either and/or both of them).
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  • compmomcompmom 11731 replies81 threads Senior Member
    Are your parents unhappy that you may not want to go to Harvard, are the unhappy as a result lof going to Harvard in your mind, are they unhappy people? Sorry it wasn't clear.

    Tufts is a great school with some of the positives of a liberal arts school but also a university. The location and campus are nice, and the subway is 10 minutes away.

    I would suggest applying to both (you don't have to do early decision, if that is the issue) and some other schools as well. If you like Tufts, look at the other "little Ivies: like Amherst, Williams, Wesleyan, and others, and also look at some other liberal arts colleges.

    If your parents are unwilling to pay if you don't choose Harvard, if you get in, that is another issue. Then you might need a counselor or other advisor to mediate.
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