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Can I write a somewhat radical common app Essay about environmental movement ?

HarYYYHarYYY 1 replies3 threads New Member
It's about contending against nearby pollution. Lots of tension. It's that a good idea?
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Replies to: Can I write a somewhat radical common app Essay about environmental movement ?

  • DustyfeathersDustyfeathers 3674 replies85 threads Senior Member
    Sure! Remember to include you in the essay. In the end the essay is primarily about YOU. How did this issue affect you and how did you intereact with it?
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  • Groundwork2022Groundwork2022 3501 replies80 threads Senior Member
    Yes and no... the essay must sell you to the college. Conveying your passion for a cause is secondary. Is "tension" going to convince them you're a great person to have on campus? As a roommate?
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  • compmomcompmom 11870 replies82 threads Senior Member
    Not sure what you mean by "lots of tension." I don't think you should tailor your essay to some idea of what Harvard wants. If you are passionate about something, of course write about it. But, yes it should be about you. An essay can be about ordinary things too. Write what you are inspired to write. It's early yet- plenty of time.
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  • gibbygibby 10540 replies249 threads Senior Member
    edited July 20
    Writing your college essay — and the topic you choose — is unlike any other writing assignment you’ve been given for school. The topic is about YOU, YOU, YOU!

    Admissions directors want to know who you are as a person, an individual, a scholar, a roommate, a friend and colleague. They want to get a glimpse into your soul. They want to understand the way you think, what your moral code is and whether you would be an asset to their school. Writing about some off-the-wall topic will make you stand out, but oftentimes not in the way you intended!!!

    Have you spent time investigating the personal statement and what has been successful in the past? Here, I’ll start you out with a link: https://news.harvard.edu/gazette/story/2019/09/how-they-wrote-and-rewrote-their-harvard-admissions-essays/
    edited July 20
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