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Harvard Class Of 2025 ED Chances??

anonymous82927anonymous82927 8 replies3 threads New Member
Hello!! First off I know Harvard is hard to get in no matter what any scores are, this is merely to see if I'm in the ballpark! Any comments/questions would be awesome, thank you!!

That being said, how do these stats look?
Race: White
Gender: Male
School: Private/Catholic/All-Boys School in Florida
Special Notes: I have a condition called Muscular Dystrophy & am in a wheelchair (I don't think it impacts much, but I discuss it); Parents both alumni from law school; spring of sophomore year I missed ~a month of school due to back surgery and got all A's that semester.
Interested Studies: Econ (w/ Classics on the side)
GPA: School only submits weighted but 3.83 UW / 4.36 W
AP Classes: 10 Total, 1 freshman, 1 sophomore, 3 junior, 5 senior (one 5, two 4s, two 3s)
ACT Score: 35 (Math: 33; English: 35; Reading/Science: 36)

Classes: (3 B's Semester 1, 1 B Semester 2)
Freshman Year:
AP Human Geography/Algebra 1 Honors/Biology Honors/English 1 Honors/Speech Semester 1, Art Honors Semester 2/Religion Class/Latin 1 Honors
Sophomore Year: (2 B's Semester 1, All A's Semester 2)
AP World History/Geometry Honors/Chemistry Honors/English 2 Honors/Art 2 Honors/Latin 2 Honors/Religion Class
Junior Year: (1 B Semester 1, All A's Semester 2)
AP US History/AP English Language/AP Seminar/Pre-Calc Honors/Physics Honors/Latin 3 Honors/Religion Class
Senior Year:
AP European History/AP Microeconomics Semester 1, AP US Gov Semester 2/AP Literature/AP Calc AB/AP Studio Art Design/Greek Honors/Religion Class

-Duke TiP (live on college campus + take college level course for 3 weeks in summer) 7th grade to summer after freshman year
-Key Club President (went from member to board member to VP to President each year, I spend majority of time doing this)
-Acting (Went to states 3 times [Thespians] once a year, and performed in 2 full length plays in freshman and sophomore year]
-Mayor's Youth Corps (1 of 40 high schoolers in county selected to be in year long program which educates us on city government and a focus on community service). Also participated in a smaller group of about 7 dedicated to managing and producing content for the club's Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube channel.
-National Honor Society Member
-Men of Honor Board Member (Club dedicated to help form men into nice, well-formed individuals hoping to reverse the stereotype of what's become known as toxic masculinity. Basically we get speakers to talk about manners, the future, respect, and other important topics! This club started the end of my junior year when I became a board member)
-Big Brother (Possible Board Member-waiting for results- this is only for seniors. Seniors who join get paired up with 1 or 2 freshman and teach them about high school and how to be best prepared for the years ahead).
-Senate Page (Was a page in the Florida Senate for a week freshman year- helped to do whatever task Senators asked us to do)
-Don't Feed the Artists (Art Club Member)

Outstanding Underclassmen Award: Junior Year, out of ~600 Underclassmen
Latin Gold/Silver Test Awards: Freshman. Sophomore Year
Best New Team, Highest Earning School Team: I lead a team for my school in a Muscular Dystrophy Association event called the MDA Walk. We had over 90 students attend the event and raised ~$2,500 over 2 years.
Outstanding Key Club Vice President Award: State Level
Superior Ratings in Acting Events at District level (need highest level to advance to states and superior is highest rating): Freshman, Sophomore, and Junior Year
Excellent Rating in Acting Event at State level (excellent is second highest, could not attend states sophomore year due to back surgery and junior year because of COVID cancellations)

Letter of Recs: 9.5/10. One teacher absolutely loves me and I've been in his class 3/4 years. Other teacher was a class I struggled in but worked hard in and the teacher likes me a lot as well.
Essay: ??/10. I really enjoy my essay as it highlights my leadership skills in the face of adversity/learning how to be in a wheelchair while showing my optimistic/happy side.

I think that's it! Any advice is super helpful and thank you for reading through this!

6 replies
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Replies to: Harvard Class Of 2025 ED Chances??

  • TomSrOfBostonTomSrOfBoston 15972 replies1068 threads Senior Member
  • anonymous82927anonymous82927 8 replies3 threads New Member
    Yes sorry that was just a typo on my part! I sometimes lump the two together!
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  • compmomcompmom 12056 replies82 threads Senior Member
    edited September 2
    Your ability to work hard and effectively during the surgery (as evidenced by the A's) shows a lot of character, and character is an important factor for admissions. As is the ability to overcome obstacles and adversity (and your essay also addresses this).

    Otherwise, I don't think anyone can tell you what your chances are.

    If appropriate, have your guidance counselor mention your absence from school and how you kept excellence in grades regardless, and any other impact from medical needs/disability, if any. (For instance I know a young person with disability who took some online courses while ill, which the GC explained.)
    edited September 2
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  • XAB235XAB235 11 replies0 threads New Member
    I think you are a very strong candidate fwiw. Have you considered University of Chicago? I think it might be a great place for someone with your intellectual firepower.
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  • anonymous82927anonymous82927 8 replies3 threads New Member
    Hi XAB! I've definitely thought about University of Chicago, but is there a specific reason you think I may be a strong candidate for that school in particular? Thank you again!
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  • anonymous82927anonymous82927 8 replies3 threads New Member
    @XAB235 I just wanted to @ to just to make sure you see the question because I've been looking at the school a bit more and it's definitely super cool.
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